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    How to control cholestrol levels.

    Searching for methods to control cholestrol levels? Find advice from experts on the page.

    one of my friend diagnosed with high cholesterol. She does regular exercises, so it was surprising. Is it possible to control cholesterol levels through ayurvedic medicines? Which medicines are better: homeopathy, allopathy or Ayurveda? What medicines can be used for this purpose?
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    Prior to attempting to control cholesterol with medications, efforts should be made to control the same through lifestyle changes. Some of such changes may be as follows -
    1. Take care of food by eliminating trans fats and reduce saturated fats, eat foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and increase soluble fiber in diet.
    2. Increase physical activity and do physical exercises almost daily.
    3. Quit smoking.
    4. Reduce weight in case over weight.
    5. Drink alcohol only in moderation.
    High cholesterol level increases risk of heart disease and heart attacks. I think in case of the friend of the author, dietary control is required. Even if the medial professional prescribe some medications, in case so required, the lifestyle changes should be carried out in any case. It is never a good approach to take medicine, but not to change the diet in case of high cholesterol level like medical conditions.

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    In order to reduce your cholesterol content, you may try the following tips and most of it is devoid of any side - effects-
    1) Oats- Include Oats as your breakfast in the early morning. One table - spoon of Oats mixed with some amount of milk is to be boiled for a few minutes and the same is to be taken for a minimum period of six weeks. There will be a perceptible drop in the Cholesterol - level.
    2)Spinach- Spinach contains a lot of Useful Vitamins and minerals which helps in formation of new blood - cells apart from reduction of Cholesterol due to presence of lutein and as such this must be included.
    3) Olive - oil- Olive - oil contains monounsaturated fat which is benificial for heart health. Moreover, this unsaturated fats can help in reducing the excess Cholesterol - level.
    4) Garlic- Garlic contains Allicin - a component benificial for healthy blood - circulation and it also acts in the alleviation of excess cholesterol. Regular consumption of two buds of Garlic is enough to take care of Cholesterol - level.
    5) Fast foods such Burger and Pizza should be avoided because of presence of high content.
    6) Almond - nuts - Consumption of little amount of Almond - nuts should be used daily and the monounsaturated fats associated with these nuts will enhance HDL - a healthy Cholesterol and at the same time, it will decrease LDL - the bad Cholesterol.
    7) Goose - berries- You may take a table spoon of Amla - powder also known as Goose - berry during the night time along with a cup of warm water prior to retirement to bed for at least a month. It contains Vitamin- C , Vitamin- B and other essential minerals benificial for the overhaul health and is very effective for the reduction of the bad Cholesterol.
    A little change in the life - style would help in managing the Cholesterol.
    To manage Cholesterol by means of medicines is not advisable since this may ultimately cause addiction to medicines.

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    If your friend consumes a diet rich in bad fats such as trans fats got from hydrogenated oils and saturated fats found in red meat and ghee, butter, cakes, biscuits and other junk food items then exercise alone will not help regulate her cholesterol levels.

    The first steps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels are –
    • Eating healthy foods that contain healthy fats
    • Consuming foods that have cholesterol lowering properties
    • Avoiding foods that contribute in cholesterol accumulation
    • Keeping weight under control, through regular exercise

    Another fact to keep in mind is that high cholesterol levels in the body are not always linked to obesity and/or diet. The human liver also produces some of the cholesterol that circulates in your body. In some people the liver malfunctions and produces cholesterol in excess of what the body needs. This gets amassed in the arteries, choking and blocking them. So, food is not always the culprit for health problems.

    Allopathic medicines are known to lower cholesterol levels quickly. The most widely used drug for lowering cholesterol is called 'Statin' Statins are prescription drugs recommended by medical specialists. The most common of these is Atorvastatin (Lipitor). However, these are prescription drugs and should not be taken without consulting a doctor. Use of statins over a period of time can cause liver damage, so the drug must be used only as prescribed.

    Cholesterol levels can be lowered by adding certain foods to the diet. These include –
    • Fresh fruits and vegetables, especially apples, oranges, peaches, grapes, green leafy veggies, pumpkin and bottle gourd. These foods are rich in fibre – particularly soluble fibre that moves around in the blood and absorbs bad cholesterol lurking in the blood stream
    • Seeds such as Flax seeds, sesame seeds, melon and pumpkin seeds are rich sources of healthy fats that fight HDL
    • Olive oil is known to improve LDL levels
    • Sunflower oil, canola oil, rapeseed and sesame oils are good substitutes for olive oil
    • Oats can effectively lower HDL
    • Whole grain products are better than refined flours
    • Chickpeas, kidney beans and pulses are all good for lowering bad cholesterol
    • Walnuts and almonds – are a wonderful source of omega 6
    • Fish – especially salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel are packed with heart friendly omega 3 fatty acids
    • Soya – in all forms must be included in the diet
    • Lean meat
    • Low fat milk

    Limit intake of processed and packaged foods and eat more of natural plant products in their purest form.

    Omega 3 supplements can also be taken to bring down HDL levels.

    Make lifestyle changes where processed foods are eliminated from the diet and substituted with healthier options. 30 minutes of exercise a day, also help regulate cholesterol levels.

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    Cholesterol level can be controlled by eating healthy foods. For eg;
    1] Oats
    2] Red Wine
    3] Salmon Fish
    4] Nuts
    5] Beans
    6] Tea
    7] Chocolate
    8] Spinach
    9] Olive Oil
    And by also these following medicines Cholesterol can be reduced
    1] Atorvastatin
    2] Fluvastatin
    3] Lovastatin
    4] Pitavastatin
    5] Pravastatin

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