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    Software jobs suitable for Diploma holders

    Interested in searching for a software job? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I have completed Diploma Electrical and I have done C and C++ Languages. I have interest in software development. Will get Software job in a company?
    Awaiting advice.
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    Surely you will get a job in software development dept of IT. Because now a days all the software companies are Hiring Electrical students also (both diploma and Engineering Graduates). So you no need to worry about this. But my opinion about your career is, first start up with small scale companies. In coimbatore and chennai large number of small scale companies are developing software. So, you should first join in any of the small scale software development company, then
    you can complete your B.E in electrial or CS or IT dept in part time. By the way u can get both the Engineering degree and and 2 to 3 years of experience in software development. So, it will be very useful for you to apply any Tier 1 software companies in Indian like infosys, CTS, TCS etc., with both experience and along with your Engineering degree. So, the steps you should proceed now is

    1. Join in any of the small scale software developing companies,

    2. And also apply for the Part time B.E in respective college.

    3. And wait till you complete your degree.

    4. After you completed your degree you can attain both campus interviews and walkins of Tier 1 software companies.

    Al the best for your career.

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    Hi Dear,
    Qualification in Electrical field and merely doing 2 languages does not guarantee you a good job in Software company. My intention is not to discourage you but that is the truth.
    We have 1000s of engineers getting graduates every year with proper structured qualification who are in the priority list of reputed companies.
    I would suggest you to pursue some higher degree, at least Graduation to have a good and stable job.
    You may select computer specialization if that suits your interest and BCA (Bachelors in Computer Application) will be good for you.


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    In order to get job in the software company, here are some of your options.

    1. Campus : You can attend the on campus placement option for most institutes. You can attend either open campus or campus for C/C++. This way you can get the job.

    2. Off campus : Every company makes off campus recruitment to get the new talent. In such case you have to go through few tests and demonstrate your skill set.

    3. Referral : This option can be good if you know someone who works in company that offers the referral for the recruitment. This can be good if the company is seeking specific reference for the software job.

    These are some of the common options. Apart from that you can also go for the DOEACC level courses and get yourself a certification. This way many CDAC level recruitment options can be opened for you.

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    The qualification attained by you appears to be somewhat inadequate in order to get a job in a Software company, though you have done languages like C and C ++. If possible, you may take up a degree of computer - science of three years duration from any recognised college or even BCA can be done. Such courses would equip you with all the essential familiarities of different languages and passing the same with high marks would land you a job in an IT company.
    Alternatively, you can enrol in DOEACC courses and can acquire the different level of courses such as O, A, B level etc in order to enhance your employability.

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