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    How to hide online presence on Facebook?

    Having a problem about showing presence on facebook? Searching or a possible solution? On this Ask Expert page, you will find all the answers you are looking for.

    When we are online at Facebook, others in our circle can know of our presence. This can be a nuisance sometimes, with needless chats being initiated. Is it possible to hide one's presence? That is, is there any way to prevent others from knowing when I am online at Facebook? If yes, please give step by step guidance on how to conceal one's presence on that online social platform.
    Awaiting advice.
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    Well, that is indeed a valid query and a genuine issue for most of the Facebook users. We may not wish to reveal our online status to avoid being identified as online during office hours. Or as you suggested, staying hidden will also help you avoid being initiated into unnecessary chats.

    Fortunately enough, there is a way you can hide your online status. Here is how you can enable it -

    1. Launch Facebook from a web browser.

    2. Click on the chat bar at the right bottom.

    3. Click on the gear icon on this bar.

    4. Chosse the Advnced Settings option.

    5. Now you should see three optons
    • Turn on chat for all friends except ( you can enter names of friends to whom you want to be not visible)
    • Turn on chat for only some friends(enter the names of friends for whom you want to be visible)
    • Turn off chat

      5. Choose the one you wish to and click on Save.

      That's it. You have successfully set your visibility preferences.

      Live....and Let Live...!

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    Facebook keeps the tab on your presence based on the login attempt. So even if you hide the chat status, your login status will be revealed to the messenger users. So when anyone is using the messenger they'll be notified when was the last time you were online. That time is definitely visible and can't be stopped.

    If you just wish to avoid getting interuppted by the chat then you can disable the online activity notice for the web users.

    1. Login to facebook web version.
    2. Go to gear icon on the chat options.
    3. Select chat settings.
    4. Choose turn off chat.
    5. Save the dialog box.

    This will keep your activity status for the web users as hidden. But messenger users can see your last login and may interupt you.

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    IF one just want to use Facebook without showing his/her presence it can be done in following ways.
    1] After opening Facebook click on the chat box (as shown in the figure)
    2] And below click on the Turn Off Chat
    Then you may easily do anything without getting disturbed

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