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    How to put names and not numbers of contacts on the WhatsApp list?

    Wondering how to show names on whatsapp list? Check out suggestions from experts on this page.

    My sister has a list of her contacts on her WhatsApp contact list. The numbers all appear, but not the names. Many do not have a profile photo. It is sometimes blank or has a flower or some scenery image. So it is often difficult for her to know whose number it is. Is there some way of ensuring that the names of the contacts appear and not the contact numbers? If yes, please explain the procedure to do so. The smartphone model is Xiaomi Redmi Note 3.
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    WhatsApp does not allow you to enter the names directly on its interface. if works with your contacts that have been stored on your device. Unless the names have been stored on your phone contacts, WhatsApp will not search the names on its own.

    There is no way you can find the names of the WhatsApp contacts using WhatsApp itself. You can message them through WhatsApp and ask them to reveal their identity. Once they do so, you may save them on your phone by assigning the name - it will be reflected on your WhatsApp also as soon as you add the contact.

    Another option to find the contact name would be to use a contact lookup service. There are many services available for the purpose. You can also use Truecaller and search for the contact details.

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    WhatsApp has a feature to extract all the contacts from your contact list stored in phone book. So, ti will appear the same way they are stored in phone book.
    There is no other way to store separate names for WhatsApp only.

    Many times, the contacts on WhatsApp does not come with names, even when they are saved with names in phone book. In that case, you just need to go to the Contacts tab next to Chat tab on WhatsApp menu and there you will have an option "Refresh". This may solve your problem as it works for me.


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    Dear Sir,
    Whatsapp is an internet based chat application which allows you to chat online with others.

    If the contact is stored in your phone respective name will appear on your whatsapp screen else it displays the Profile Name of the contact . There is no other way to find the name unless you save the contact.

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