Migrate Webforms to MVC and use standard datasets instead of entity models

Interested in migrating webforms? wondering how to use datasets instead of entities? Check out response from experts on this page.

I have been thinking a lot about migrating my reporting application from Webforms to MVC. So, kindly help me know What are the prerequisites (Knowledge, Hardware etc / Any) for doing so?

Also, I have a major doubt regarding the models. From my understanding, we use model classes as objects to store the data from DB and it has a predefined structure. But in my application, I use datasets and I dont want to define the dataset structure'. Also, I can directly bind it to gridview to render reports. I am not exactly sure how to do this in MVC. Since MVC models should have a predefined structure, should i create 1000 models for rendering my 1000 reports
Experts: do assist.