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    Different ways to earn income online/homebased?

    Interested in earning extra income online or from home? Find advice from experts on this page.

    This question has been asked by many including me several times but still the required and authentic answer has not yet got so repeating the questions as follows-

    What are the different ways to earn income online or homebased apart from current website (ISC)?
    I am an Engineer and MBA and working in private sector and do not hold any website etc. A typical middle class man of Office to Home to Office lifestyle with family to support. I am looking for authentic (realistic) way to earn money online /home based in a honest way and not by cheating someone.
    How can I earn extra income ?
    Experts: do provide detailed methods.
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    There are multiple ways to do the working online. Here are some of the common ways.

    1. Freelance writing: Outside ISC, you'll find plenty of websites and the content marketing companies who want the creation of content like articles, ads, copy-writing etc. The payment will be on the basis of words or the package.

    2. Voice Gigs: You can do the online calling jobs and manage leads for people. It's definitely a good option for females. And this can be paying from 15K to 35K a month. It can be done purely online way.

    3. Animation: There are lot of online companies who need animation on regular basis for their products. It can generate revenue of 500$ onwards for such projects. They can be hectic if you are not an animator. But it can be easily done.

    4. Web designing : Too much competition in this space. But it can pay moderate. From 50$ to 1000$ depending on the client. But it has plenty of competition to manage. And this makes it harder for anyone to enter into it and sustain.

    5. Affiliate marketing: If you are good at writing reviews then being affiliate can be good choice. You can write reviews and earn passive income from this. Most of the people find it easy to do this but it takes time to generate money with this.

    These are some of the online ways to earn money. You can even find more options but depending on how you wish to work the methods will change.

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    There are different ways to earn income from on lines. If you are free lance writer and can contribute significantly in the different fields such as composing poems, writing some articles containing various informations with respect to health, social - issues and education, you may surf the Internet to get the right plateform for you.
    If you are proficient in any one of subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, you can go ahead for on line teaching for the aspirants. If you can work as a consultant in any fields such as construction, education, Income - tax, Finance etc, there are tremendous oppurtunities to earn significantly through on line.
    You have to analyse yourself to examine your potential which will help you in your earnings.

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    There many ways to earn income online. But none of the sites can be quick rich scheme. You can earn money online slowly by logging to some sites which are genuine and need not pay any registration fees. I am working on these sites for more than a year and have got a income. Hope it may help you.
    Register here and enjoy. U can improve your general knowledge & as well earn, u need to spend some few minutes on these sites. Its free for registering. U can use all these sites, [if the link does not open please select the link & copy & paste in your browser address bar]

    2 0b86ed1569b1&sid=1
    Just copy these links in your browser bar and read it carefully and start working in it. If your a family man even your wife can also work on it.
    Now the recent news on online earning is all about blog making and earning in google adsense. But its not as easy because I am learning about it past six months but my confusions were not solved even in the forum. So After I get the detailed information and methods regarding how to earn from blogging and google adsense. I will be able to guide any body in detail...
    But never join a site to whom you have to pay for registration. They are just scam. Please Don't waste your money
    I hope most of your confusion's were solved.

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