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    Can we use hosted adsense account for signing up AdMob?

    Searching for more information about hosted adsense account? Wondering if you need to sign up for AdMob for using Adsense account? On this page experts shall provide you advice.

    Whenever we try to sign up for AdMob, which is meant for showing ads in our Android apps, it is asking us to provide a gmail account. We can give a new gmail id if we don't have any Adsense account. But it also says that if we have an existing Adsense account, we should provide that gmail id, which is associated with the Adsense account.
    Now my question is:
    Can we use the gmail id of the hosted adsense account, which is acquired through adsense host partner sites like ISC, for the AdMob account or do we need to have a fully activated adsense account for associating with AdMob?
    Awaiting advice.
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    Admob application requires you to have fully activated adsense account. If your adsense account is hosted and tied to only revenue shared websites, then you have to get fully activated adsense by applying your website. You can also apply with your completed App on Google play store. There are some developers who have switched from hosted adsense to fully activated. However a lot of applications are being denied. In such case it helps if you apply from the fully activated adsense instead of hosted adsense.

    You can get more detailed response on this from googles support.



    This should resolve your query on applying to Admob.

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