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    Importance about career in teaching or goverment job

    Confused between a teaching and a government job? On this Ask Expert page you will get answers to your queries.

    I am preparing for my M.Sc. and some competitive exams. Which is better: teaching profession or a government job? I I am interested in teaching but I am 27 years now. I need to settle down fast. In teaching job I may have to wait for a long time but in government job I can become permanent in just two or three years.
    Awaiting guidance.
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    Since the author is preparing for M.Sc. program, it is evident that he/she has completed B.Sc. degree which is a graduation degree. Though it is always said the the individuals should pursue career of his/her liking, but a Government job is always better. In my opinion though planning well in advance is always better, but instead of waiting for completion of M.Sc. degree, which will take at least two years, the author should try to get a job based on his/her graduation degree in hand. In banking sector, many opportunities exist and both for the clerk grade examinations and PO level examinations, graduation degree is the eligibility criteria. Banking jobs in PSU sector are like Government jobs only.
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    Since you are preparing for M.Sc programme, you need to have a single minded devotion to excel well in the current exam since a high second class marks would be essential to appear for the NET test - a test essential for the selection of Lecturership in a Government - college.
    However, the other option is to enter a private college after securing the Post - graduate degree and acquire the experience in the teaching line and in that way, you would gain experience in teaching in the subject in which you your specialisation. While continuing the Lecturership in the college, you may persue for the doctorate degree. Your doctorate degree can land into a permanent job in the constituent college. In that way also,you will be exempted from NET test.
    If interested for the Banking jobs such as PO, your graduation degree is enough for your eligibility, but in that case, your minimum aggregate in the graduation - level should be above 50 percent. With your prudent planning in current affairs and Mathematics, you can qualify in PO examination conducted by the Banks. You would be getting an attractive package there apart from the job - security prevailing in that sector.

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    I have some confusions related to your query.
    1. Are you a graduate and preparing for your post graduation? If yes, then it is better to focus on your studies first.
    Is there any valid reason for this much gap in pursuing higher degree? I just asked because this will be asked when you will be appearing in interviews for jobs.
    2. You want to choose between government job and teaching job but a teaching job can be a government job if you apply for teaching in government institutions. In that case, you will be all benefits which other government jobs give.
    So, you have can have an ideal combination of a teaching government job.


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    When you have mental zeal to study and climb the job ladder then it is helpful for getting the government job. If you are more interested in passing that knowledge to others, in such case you have to choose teaching. That will surely bring peace of mind in working for you.

    Most likely government jobs are good if you just want to work for specific number of hours. And then that definitely helps you with financial safety net. Also the amount of stress that you have into the job is very less in government jobs. Though some level of stress is going to be there. However from mental and financial perspective government job is better.

    Some of the time mental satisfaction from the job is possible when you're doing knowledge transfer. In that case the teacher option for the job is much better for you. I'd say try teaching part time and then decide if you are feeling good with that.

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    Its good that your interested in teaching job, because teaching is such a good profession especially for women where even after marriage you can manage both family and your job. As you want to settle down fast in teaching job, it all depends on how dedicated you are with your subjects and the knowledge you have about the subject. Main point is that you have to satisfy your students with your valuable answer. Whenever your teaching you should have full knowledge about it, so that when the students raise any doubts regarding the topic that your teaching, you should be able to answer them so that they are satisfied. Lastly I wish to say that in teaching profession most and the foremost behaviour that we should have is patience. I would prefer you to go for teaching job as I said earlier it is very helpful to manage family and the profession. Its a very respectful job i,e educating children. ALL THE BEST......

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