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    Confused between BSc and MCA

    Wondering whether to opt for MCA or a job after BSc? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have done my BSC IT this year. My financial condition is not very sound.
    Shall I continue my studies and do MCA or opt for a job? Many people have advised me to opt for a job and after a few years do MBA or SAP Certification.
    Awaiting advice.
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    You may examine the following points prior to taking any final step in relation to career.
    1) Of late, a fierce competition is being seen in the Software companies in order to retain their status apart from making huge profit and under such a situation main thrust would be to recruit the best talented people available in the market. So it is the demand of the situation that you should go in for MCA and that too with a renowned Institution so that you can get an offer from a fortune company through a campus placement.
    2) The leading banks provide education loans to the aspirants for their sustenance to studies from a Premiur institution so you have not think over this aspect. The loan can be repaid back after your placement.
    3) The MCA qualification earned from a distinguished institute would equip with all the latest modules being employed in the Software companies. This post graduate qualification would definitely better than your BSC IT qualification you have earned recently.
    4) Considering the prospects of promotion in the ensuing years, the MCA qualification would be immensely helpful.

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    If the financial condition of the author is not good, then he/she should join the best possible job without thinking twice. It will enable the author to gain work experience also besides a regular income. As far as continuing further studies is concerned, that can always be done through online /distance learning programs. The minimum and maximum duration of online MCA program offered by IGNOU is 3 years and 6 years respectively and the eligibilty criteria for admission is any bachelor's degree of minimum 3 year duration from a recognized university and mathematics as one of the subject at 10+2 level. There is no age restriction for pursuing the program. Joining a job will enable the author to pay fee also.
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    Hi dear,
    Life is never easy for anyone and one has to make extra efforts to achieve something extra.
    I would like to suggest following points-
    1. My first advice would be to continue your studies at ;east till your post graduation because it will give you better opportunities and better earning. As per my knowledge, MCA is not very much expensive degree and even many government colleges are offering this course at reasonable fee structure in India.
    To afford your course, you can start part time tuition classes. This will be good even for your studies.

    2. Secondly, yes you can take a professional break after completion of your B.Sc. IT and can get a job to support your family financially. But please note that current scenario is not showing good vacancies for a graduate in the field of IT. So, you have to make good efforts to get a good paying job.

    It is quite difficult to go back to studies once you leave it at a point and then only part time courses can be pursued.


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    My sincere advice to the author to withstand the hardship for another few years and complete MCA from a reputed institute. His market-value will jump and he will get much better offer after completion of MCA. At that time, he would be able to look after his family members properly.
    On the other hand, if the author discontinues his study and accept the offer of a job, he would get less salary. More importantly, it would be extremely difficult for him to pursue MCA in future.

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    Actually graduation and marks is just entering to one job, but your actual job starts when you attend a interview with full confidence. Many of them will have lot of degree's but they can't face the interview, they become very nervous.
    I prefer you to do a job first few months and in mean while you can collect information regarding distance education universities and you can do admission for your preferred course by distance education only. I suggested this to you because as you said that your financial condition is not good. Its not good to give burden to your parents. By doing a job at the same time you will be having a experience in one company and at the same time you will have a master's degree. So both your ambition will be fulfilled. I hope my suggestion helped you to solve your confusion..... GOOD LUCK :)

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    I hope you have finished your BSC IT. Its an excellent degree with lots of opportunities available around the world. I hope you should have learned programming techniques, I hope you might came across with one of the programming languages like C,C++, Visual studio, Visual, Microsoft technologies, Java programming?. Designing works using the webpage design, using HTML,Java Script, VB Script,, Even if you are not aware of in depth programming to a project level, its easy to learn within a few days from 15 to 30 days of depth programming to handle software projects. This will give you confidence to attend the technical round of the interview.
    Look for a Part time job if you financial condition is not very sound. When you have the eagerness to study, do not leave the education since education leads to a good career. Finding a part time job and studying in Part time study in the college is also a good option if you wanted to study part time for MCA.
    Since you have completed your BSC IT, i hope there might be eligibility that you can join the direct second year to MCA and continue your education. MCA will good option since your undergraduate degree is in the similar field of education. This will bring your career good opportunities and it will be easy for you learn,understand, gain knowledge while your are doing your MCA. Even the package will be excellent for such kind of the degree holders.
    Its also a good option to choose MBA, where Master of Business Administration is entirely related to business studies and administration. It takes time to understand the case studies and also you have spend time in doing some research if you wanted to be a outstanding student in education and career. MBA IT is also a good option if you wanted to pursue MBA. The degree add weightage only if you have a prior experience
    in the IT field as a working engineer and wanted to get promoted as Manager else to a higher position. The salary remains the same for the UG until unless improvements shown in the career path.
    Nowadays most of them are degree holders. You hold one degree your salary package is better, you hold two degrees Under Graduate + Post
    Graduate, your salary will be excellent, and if you opt for the Phd in the same field of IT your salary package will be outstanding with experience.

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