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    Why to use tablet Ecospirin for eyes?

    Wondering why doctors prescribe Ecospirin for the eyes? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have few queries regarding eye diseases? Eye pressure is 21.
    Why does the doctor prescribes ecospirin in glucamo and cataract cases?
    How to improve blood circulation for eyes by home remedies and natural methods?
    How to remove cloudiness in eyes?
    Awaiting response.
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    Ecospirin in generally given to relieve pressure from the eyes. It drains fluid from eyes and lower pressure.

    Home remedies and natural methods to improve blood circulation for eyes are:-
    1) Green tea contains lots of antioxidants and thus consuming it regularly will help in improving blood circulation to eyes.
    2) Lots of fruits and vegetables should be incorporated in daily diet as they are rich in vitamin A, C and E. These vitamins are essential for good blood circulation in eyes. Flax seeds, egg yolks, fish oils are all enriched with these vitamins.
    3) Eye exercises are very essential to improve blood circulation. They strengthen muscles of eyes and gift a healthy vision. Some of the simple eye exercises that hardly require any time or efforts are:-
    a) Holding any article like pen or pencil at an arm's length and then focusing on it. Bringing it closer and then moving it away till focus can no longer be kept.
    b) Eyelid fluttering i.e., blinking eyes 20-30 times.
    c) Sunning i.e., closed eyelids are exposed to sun rays for a few minutes.
    d) Palming i.e., rubbing palms to generate heat and then this heat is transferred to closed eyes without exerting any pressure on them.
    e) Clockwise and counter-clockwise rolling eyes for a few seconds.
    4) Acupressure/Acupuncture- There are numerous such points around the orbits of eyes which when gently massaged for a few seconds can greatly help in blood circulation and treat the diseases.
    5) Walk bare foot on grass early morning for at least 30-45 minutes. This helps to soothe eyes and activates fibers of nerves present in feet.
    6) 5-10 soaked almonds if taken regularly can improve vision as they are rich sources of vitamin E.
    7) Regular intake of bilberry in diet can greatly reduce all sorts of vision problems as it is popularly known as vision herb.
    8) Eye massage should be done daily. It along with increasing blood circulation also reduces strain of them. It relaxes eye muscles and helps in getting rid of dry eyes. An eye cream or olive oil can be used in eye massage.
    9) Splashing some cold water on closed eyes and face should be done twice a day.
    10) A cold compress or napkin dipped in cold water when kept on eyelids can do wonders to tired eyes.
    11) Soft napkin dipped in warm water and when compressed around closed eyes for a few minutes also helps in improving blood circulation to and around eyes.

    Cloudiness or cloudy vision is impaired visual activity in one or both eyes. Haziness appears in front of the eyes resulting in impaired clarity. It may be totally due to harmless causes like discharge from an eye or from an emergency cause like injury. Usually, cataract is responsible for causation of cloudiness in eyes.

    Natural cures for removing cloudiness from eyes are:-
    1) Vitamin A is very essential for good eye sight. Thus, one should eat lots of green leafy vegetables like spinach, dairy products like milk, curd etc..... Vitamin A supplements can also be taken.
    2) Roots of licorice or chicory can be taken.
    3) Multivitamin tablet should be taken daily.
    4) Blood pressure should be kept in normal range.
    5) Dry air coming out of car vents or house heaters is bad for eyes. Thus, one should try to avoid such heat and try to increase humidity.
    6) Smoking is bad for eye sight and thus should be avoided.
    7) Rest is essential. Every 30 minutes, one has to close eyes for at least 30 seconds especially those working on computers and the ones who are addicted to watch television.
    8) Brisk walks help a lot when it comes to eye health.
    9) One should consult an eye doctor and wear reading glasses.
    10) While swimming, protective goggles are a must which will protect eyes from chlorine waters.
    11) While going out in sun, sunglasses are must as they protect eyes from harmful UV rays and harsh wind.
    12) Cleanliness and hygiene play another important role for good eye health. Towels should never be exchanged. Towels used should be clean and free from dirt and germs.
    13) Eye make up used should be removed with make up remover before going to bed. One should never go to bed with eye make up on as it may damage cornea. Also products used for eye make up should be changed within few months as bacteria builds up in them and thus should be replaced by new ones.

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