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    How many past years income tax return can be filed?

    Filing IT returns for the first time? Searching for information about how many past years returns can be filed? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am being felt like cheated when I saw on government site that I had only 2 times ITR filed. I used to file ITR through through their representative when they put their booth in our company cafeteria. But spending 200 Rs is waste when I saw today they have done nothing. On top of it they even did not put my cell phone and bank account number.
    Anyways now since I know the situation, I want to check how many past years ITR can be filed? Is it 5 years or 10 years or more?
    Also this will first time I am going file ITR through government official site:
    Do they ask for hardcopies when you file returns and do they give acknowledgement hardcopy?
    Experts: do provide advice, precautions and tips for filing returns.
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    The author may first register on furnishing his details including PAN, active email address and valid/active phone number. On the page of preparing and submitting online ITR, option appears for filing return from assessment year 2012-13 onward. However, for the purpose of viewing form 26AS, option appears for viewing AS26, assessment year 2009-10 onward. Detailed instructions are displayed on the said website covering almost all relevant points.
    Hard copy of any document is not required to be sent. The TDS data is automatically populated by the system from 26AS records of the concerned PAN. In case of deposition of self assessment tax , the challan bank details are to be submitted. Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) can be used to e-file ITR.
    In case of e-file without DSC, ITR V form is generated, which is required to be printed, signed and submitted to CPC, Bangalore by ordinary post or speed post within 120 days from the date of e-filing.

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    It is not clear from the question how many year returns are filed and out of which are missing to be shown in the IT web site.

    Have you not obtained the copy of return filed for earlier years? If they are filed manually, then there should be the acknowledgement stamp of the IT office where it was submitted. If it was online submission, then you would have sent an ITR confirmation by post and for which the IT dept would have acknowledged . I wonder why you did not follow up these . It is always better to remit a little more tax , so that you get refund. If there is some refund due, we also would be remembering about that once in a while at least. Please keep this in mind for future.

    Try to get the details from the firm you had used for filing earlier returns.

    If at least the last two years return are shown received in the IT web site, then put your first attention to file this years return.

    IT dept has a system to send reminders on non-filing of returns when they have the tax remitted to your PAN account. So verify the Forms 26As for the years you feel doubtful. Verify and ascertain the TDS remitted and the total tax credit to your IT account. Then check from the site f they have shown any year as non-submission or pending due to some return.

    If you are not getting details from all these and if still you are no satisfied, and worried, contact the IT office near you and they will guide you. If taxis fully remitted and it was a genuine mistake and I dept gets convinced, they may condone delay penalty and allow you to file return or may give you assessed order.

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    All the returns (ITR 1 to 8) are filed on portal only and no other. All other sites just work as mediator who collect information from you and prepare return on your behalf and file the same. In your case I do not know whether they filed your return or not.

    If you do not have any record of the returns filed on your behalf by the said site then it is very unprofessional.

    Returns can filed either online or offline and in most cases where some external or 3rd party sites are working they file return online only, they won't bother to go to your ward and file your return by standing in queue.

    All you need to do is to go to and login to your account, which will ask for your user id and password.
    Your user id will be your PAN and password you can reset, as you have not made the same the very first time.

    What you will need to reset the password is few information as your employer TAN and tax deducted by them for particular Financial year. You can give your mobile number and email and set your own password for future access and do not give the same to anyone unless very necessary.

    Once you are able to do so then you can login and check in your account dashboard as for which years the returns have been filed.

    At present you can file return for F.Y. 2015-16 without any interest and penalty. Although you also have the option to file return for F.Y. 2014-15, if it is not filed, but the time limit for same is over and there is a chance that a penalty of Rs. 5,000 may be levied on you.

    Alternatively you can file your return for last Financial year i.e. 2015-16 and sit back, the IT department may ask you for returns of previous years if it is not filed then in that case you can file them as they would give you the option to file the returns and also ask reason as to why the return was not filed.

    There is no need to panic on reading the explanation as to penalty and notices as these are regular process and you won't be harassed at all by the department. All you need to do is to co-operate as you have not done anything wrong.

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    As you told us in your question that first time you are going to file your return through govt side i.e., in this case you should kept some points in your mind:
    1. first you must check whether you registered or not if you are not registered then firstly registered yourself with income tax site.
    2. for registration you need a PAN number, Date of Birth and complete address and valid phone number and email id.
    3. after successful registration the deparment sent you OTP in your mobile number and link to open your account in income tax site in your mail you will have to click on the mail and feed your OTP which would have been sent in your mobile (6 digit)
    4. after successful login in income tax you will have to go my return tab and in this tab after clicking you would see the list of returns filed so basically from this place you can get to know about to returns filled for how many years.
    5. after successful checking you would able to know about your non filling status of return.

    as per my knowledge you can filed your return of back date with two years and from the back period you can not filled the return of income. However if any notice has been issued by department then you can file the return by way of manual basis and submitted the same with your assessing officer.

    before filling your return must check the Form 26 AS for every year whether you have any TDS or not.


    Dev Kumar

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