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    Why blank ads are showing on my blogs?

    Wondering why blank ads are showing on blogs? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Recently I have published two blogs and then got them approved for google adsense. I have placed ads on blogs by clicking on Earnings -> Selecting the option show ads on blog -> selecting the option Display ads below my posts and in the side bar.
    My blogs are getting only a few clicks per day. Whenever I checked my blogs, instead of showing ads, a blank space is shown on my blog. Why is this blank ads?
    My blog links are:
    Experts do explain and suggest to get more traffic for my blogs.
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    Google adsense usually does not display the ads on same IP to that of publisher. This doesn't happen all the time. But regularly viewing the ads from same IP results in not displaying the ads at all. Another issue is that often advertisers don't target specific city or region, and then that makes adsense to not display the ads. Another reason for not showing ads is that you'd not be able to view it if the CPM for your blogs is set to low. Such smart priced sites often have low priced ads and for the rest of the time ads are not visible.

    To get over this issue, make sure your site is getting traffic from google and other search engines. Also share your website on social media. Let people come from different regions and view the ads. This way google algorithm will have more data for keywords and ads. And this in turn will start displaying the ads. Depending on the context under which ads are not visible you have to try accordingly.

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    @ Mahesh, Thanks for clarifying. I want to know why estimated earning showing $0.00, while page views are 90 and impressions are 123.

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    Manoj Kumar,
    You are saying that your blog page views are 90 and impressions are 123. This is very negligible and the probability of clicking ads are also very less. So it shows estimating earnings $0. You need to have more increased traffic to start your earnings positively.


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    As you monetize your blog to Google Adsense and place the ad code in your blog. Initially for the few days it shows blank, but later after few days ads will appear. I also had faced the same problem initially after posting and got approved by Google Adsense. I had blank ads in my blog. After a few days it started appearing.
    Now about your earnings that why it is showing $0 even after 93 views I, e in google Adsense earning money is not as easy as it is shown in youtube. We need lots of patience in earnings in google Adsense. As I am also a google Adsense member and has posted many blog's and also has many no of views, but still my earning has not increased. Still finding out whether there is any loop holes that I have done.
    So don't worry about the ads it will display.

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    Hi @ Manoj Kumar Lamba

    If your Adsense account is Hosted Account then you have to link your Adsense account to to Adsense then it will work. If you are inserting code in your blog it will not work to work you have to go to
    1. Blogger dashboard
    2. Left menu, select Earnings > AdSense
    3. Sign up for AdSense
    4. And login with your adsense account
    5. Accept

    If you cant signup then you have to wait for 6 months to link your blogger to adsense account Blog must be at lest 6months OLD

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    @ arvind, I have adsense account, and applied ads to my blog by clicking dashboard -> Earnings -> Show ads on my blog and then selecting the option " Display ads below my posts and in the side bar".

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    @ Manoj Kumar Lamba

    Try Create YouTube Account Upload your Own Created Video but not others video and link it to Adsense account if your adsense ads are display on Video then it working fine.

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    @ arvind harti, I have few videos on youtube and enabled them for monetization, ads are shown on my videos, but blogs show blank space in place of ads.
    Video links are :

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    @ Manoj Kumar Lamba
    Sorry for late reply how did you join the site through Youtube or site Which site did you use to Register for Google Adsense

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