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    DSL 2730U Modem + Router I updated with wrong Firmware

    Having a problem configuring DSL 2730U modem and router? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I have bought modem DSL 2730U for BSNL broadband connection and it works well for BSNL.
    I switched the network provider to Skyway broadband and it says that I can't use this modem for their connection since it's not has WLAN port.
    When I look into the YouTube for the solution: I got a suggestion to upgrade the router firmware with Dubai firmware so we will get all the option including WLAN.
    I tried the same way to upgrade it. Once it is upgraded, then suddenly it is not connecting using IP to do DLink configuration.
    How to connect with configuration page using If there is no solution how do I revert to original configuration?
    Awaiting advice.
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    Actually broadband modem are usually set to have only that connection. They don't have any option to change our broadband provider. I had also faced the same problem. Any solution for updating the modem to router is not possible. You will have to face lots of problems about connectivity later even now if it is solved. So my suggestion is to change your modem and buy a wifi router which is very helpful.

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    Thanks for the replies, however I want to rectify my issue and make my modem to work. Kindly anyone help me to revert my modem firmware to the previous one. As of now my modem's firmware corrupted it seems since I couls not able to connect my PC with modem using Kindly help

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