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    Query about parallel Courses with BTech(C.S.E.)

    Searching for courses which can be done along with computer engineering? Check out this Ask Expert page for resolution to your queries.

    I am pursuing my B Tech in Computer Sc. branch (1st year). Which parallel courses can I pursue along with B Tech in Programming language, networking etc and which provides cushion in campus placement? Can you provide the list of courses and list of course providers?
    Awaiting resolution to my queries.
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    Here goes my answer based on your question:
    1. Regarding pursuing my B Tech in Computer Sc. branch (1st year):
    a. Computers degree is an evergreen field. There are jobs for all those who are technically qualified and skilled, those having logical and analytical thinking capabilities and good communication skills and can work well in a team.
    b. Since you are in first year, focus well on the core subjects which you will study from second year onwards. All companies want graduates who have strong foundation.
    c. Be regular in class, do your own practical and assignments and also projects. Forget copying or doing things at the last minute. Interviewers will make this out.
    d. Join some society/ professional body and participate in activities - technical, non technical. Also volunteer to organise some events. This will enhance your team work, communication, time management, leadership skills.
    e. Take up some internship in vacations in industry or NGO. Check out company website for internship opportunities or bodies like AISEC or IAESTE etc.
    f. Mentor some juniors for joining engineering, study techniques or subject help.
    g. Do some projects apart from studies. Ask faculty- they may have some ideas or come up with some solution to a real world problem.
    h. Be dedicated and sincere in doing your mini and final year projects. Companies want to know about the project and what you have gained from it.

    2. Which parallel courses can I pursue along with B Tech in Programming language, networking etc and which provides cushion in campus placement?
    Technology is changing very fast and many languages are getting phased out just within a span of a couple of years. So I would strongly advice you to: go with college curriculum not do some outside course right away. You never know whether those technologies will be in the process of getting phased out or will cease to exist after three years when you graduate.
    Now to be aware of current technologies, you can carry out an outstanding project using some cutting edge technology which keeps you in touch with what is happening in the industry. By the time you come to fourth year, you can find out which programming languages you can study apart from those specified in the curriculum.
    Agreed that you need to work on cushioning for placement. But note: you need to be the best and outstanding so that you stand out among the crowd. Just a course is not enough, but you need to have a very distinct CV based on all points in (1) above.

    3.Can you provide the list of courses and list of course providers?
    Wait for two years and check out which course to do apart from those in the curriculum.

    The answer is based on my twenty eight years of experience in engineering teaching and IT industry., and interaction with folks working in the industry.

    Hope you find this answer useful!

    Autograph your work with excellence!

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    B.Tech in computer science is a very good course by itself. Since the programming languages like Operating systems like Microsoft windows, andriod,Unix,Linux. Hardwares, Networking,
    Softwares,Languages like C,C++,Java, C#, Algorithms and Programming languages are the very basic and does have the lab exercises for those languages. The best way to study the basic first for which its the base for every computer languages. If you want to be a developer in any languages its good to practice with the programming exercises available in the books first.
    Finish the book exercise programming first within months before the semester starts. Most of the centers outside to opt to teach the same programming structure what is book and with a lot of lab exercises.Later part comes the project after your Programming skills are been developed.Its good you have started to think about your career while you are doing the Academic.If you are already a computer starter or aware of computer its best to learn programming now from the scratch.
    Languages like C,C++ are the basic for Java Programming. If you understand the Java programming there won't be difficult to understand the C# programming along with the scripting language,, I hope these might be in your college syllabus.Study and work in your computer thoroughly. Apart from that Java complete packages like Servlets,Hibernate,Core java,Swing, Remote Method innovation is also a best package for
    learning, understanding,working in programming languages.With this you can do a software project specialized in the field of your interest.
    If you are not aware of the software projects and academic projects, its a best idea to use college library to browse some of your senior projects for better idea of starting a project. RDBMS, DBMS, Databases, SQL, MS SQL, these are similar and easy to learn. These can be learnt within three months and keep practicing, that should make your perfect.Microsoft Technologies are also good to learn C#,Visual studio.
    From these you can choose one of the project in your final year for software demonstration. Going for a trial demonstration would bring you hope and confidence what to do for future career.
    Learn solving analytical problems,puzzles, maths verbal, case studies for interview purposes. These will help you for interview purposes both for on campus and off campus.
    Know the websites like freshers,time jobs, Naukri for job specifications and locations. Know latest technology by studying magazines one of two of your interest in pcmag,dataquest.
    These things might keep you tight and busy. Have a good exercise also, as sitting in the computer also brings stress to mind and body.
    Mobile technologies are the most latest one, along with cloud computing. Nowadays most of them are using cloud computing for all the purposes. Participate in competitions, group discussions in your college.
    Learn and implement to go for a good career.

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