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    What to pursue next for a career

    Confused between choosing MBBS or BTech+MTech or B.Sc? Searching for career options and advice? Find advice from experts on this page.

    I am a student from Rajasthan. I had completed my 12th (PCB) in 2014 and thereafter I am appearing for AIPMT along with B.Sc 2nd yr. During this period of preparation I suffered from ill health.
    I am losing my interest in this field since I have to spend 8-9yrs [5yrs(MBBS)+3yrs(M.D)] to become professional. So I am thinking to pursue BTech+MTech integerated dual degree in Biotechnology or may be in Nanotechnology from Amity University.
    Do I have any scope and future in India after completing the programme?
    What to pursue next or should I continue with B.Sc since I am not able to get selected this yr for MBBS?
    There are no career prospects after B.Sc. Can you advice what to do in this confusion?
    Awaiting response.
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    Its good still you are on the field of finishing the B.Sc, undergraduate degree.Its good option to pursue B.Tech along with M.Tech integrated dual degree in Biotechnology or Nanotechnology. There are lots of scope for both Biotechnology and Nanotechnology since India is growing and developing and with a lot of comfortable communication through online internet - Virtual World, you have find many opportunities along with Undergraduate + Post Graduate degrees. Since you might
    finish the B.Sc also its good you have three degrees at your hand. There are so many opportunities like becoming a Associate professor in the same university,after scoring a highest marks in your education career. Since the highest scoring
    means you got to be a topper of the college and the university, this requires purely hard work and complete attendance. So that its possible to understand the subject and gain knowledge. Apart from that there are so many labs today getting
    more advanced than before. Its also possible to get jobs from the advanced medical labs. Registering on the Naukri, Times Jobs, freshers websites do send you mail based on the education and your experience.
    Trying to do a part time job after your Undergraduate degree, would fetch you some experience along with handful of pocket money and does reduce the burden that you can have touch with the field of your education. Inspite of looking job
    after education, a Part time is good way of growing your career also. Else concentrating on the research after three years of education in the field of your own interest would fetch you grants also from India and abroad if your research papers
    are outstanding. It will be good you get your B.Sc degree first. Then get admitted to the university of your own interest, concentrate on studies, keep updation of your education careers.
    Focusing on the job you wanted after graduation does require some career plans also.Keep contacting websites like ISC is also a good way of earning the knowledge and knowing about the markets.
    Taking care of your health is the main part, while doing your education.This will keep your healthy by mind,body and soul. Make no excuses for the getting good marks. Biotechnology is good in growing and lots are opportunities are been viewed
    in the daily newspapers in the major cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Calcutta. As a starter of Biotechnology, some of the starting points comes with the medical lab, clinical lab, Clinical research lab works. Even in the field of education there are more teaching opportunities in the field of the biotechnology. If you are opting for research opportunities its good to opt for the leading universities in India else its a good option to go abroad else looking for phd after the graduation along with the job opportunities.
    Nanotechnology involves the study of the atoms and molecules that deals with the dimensions and tolerances. Nowadays the awareness for the study of Nanotechnology also grows in India, through so many schools.Its a science and technology field that
    will have to discovered.This can be best achieved with help of interest from basic research to advanced research. The salary packages are more than the IT Field. Mostly in the major cities like chennai, bangalore in the manufacturing,medicines, IT fields.
    Department of science and technology of India has major funding agencies for Nanotechnology. Sastra University- Thanjavur, IISc - Bangalore, Karunya university -coimbatore, Osmania University -Hyderabad,Anna university - chennai, VIT -Vellore are excellent
    universities where these groups are also available. Career opportunities can also be found from these universities.

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    First of all, take care of your health.

    There is nothing impossible in this world and you can achieve what you dream for.
    1. If you want to leave your dream just because it is taking your 8 good years, then it is not a wise idea. Everything great thing needs time and efforts.
    And if it is a question of being professional, you can obviously start your practice even after your MBBS only and can pursue your MD side by side.
    It means, you can start your earning after 5 years which is basic duration of graduation+post graduation.

    2. You could not cleared the MBBS till date, may the reason is -your focused is diverted. You are pursuing your B.Sc. and preparing for MBBS. This is rarely possible for any candidate to study for both of these purposes.
    If you really want to be a doctor, please take a break from regular studies and do prepare well for MBBS entrance. It will surely bring some positive output for you.

    3. B.Tech. after B.Sc. is again not a wise idea. You can go for M.Sc. in Biotechnology or Nanotechnology if you want to change your field of specialization. These fields are having good scope in research field and demands PhD to have great career afterwards. So, here again you have to give 4-5 years for your PhD.

    So, there is no short cut for success. Yes, you may go for teaching line with these subjects.


    Living & Learning- simultaneous processes!

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    You may take up the following points into consideration prior to finalisation of your steps.-
    1) You must have clarity in your vision and proceed accordingly. Choice of the course must match match your willingness.
    2) Your analysis that the medical course is time - consuming cannot be denied. In case, you don't have the inner urge to proceed for the same, better to drop the idea for its persuasion.
    3) With regard to your persuasion for B. Tech and M.Tech in Biotechnology, you can go ahead since such degrees have tremendous demands in Research - laboratories and Phamacetuals. Though initially, it may appear to be time consuming, acquiring these degrees will pave the way for your advancement in your career. Nanotechnology, too, is a good option.
    4) To acquire a B.Sc degree with high marks would open your career in Banking - jobs as an executive, in the field of administrative jobs etc, even you may apply for the state civil services.
    You need to chalk out a proper planning to reshape your career.

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