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    Do eating green chillies is less harmful than eating red chillies?

    Wondering about the difference between eating green and red chillies? Find response from experts on this page.

    Chillies are used as a spice in Indian cuisine. In addition to its use in the form of dried chilly powder/whole chilly, it is used in green or raw form also. Do eating green chillies is less harmful than eating red chillies? Please provide nutritional facts also about dried as well as green chilly.
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    The seeds inside the green chilies are harmful for the health. It can affect the kidney stone, bladder and also leads to piles. So in terms of health, green chilies are more harmful if you use them regularly in the food.

    As for the red chilies, they may also have same issues if the seeds are not removed. Rest of the shell if powdered and used then may not cause much of the issue.

    Most of the traditional recipes include the red chili powder which is mixed with other herbs. And so for that reason it is better to choose red chili powder over green chilies.

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    Well, in opinion - using either of them in high quantities may be harmful to your health. They are both beneficial to you if consumed in permitting proportions.

    Red Chillies are spicier compared to green chillies. As such, they produce heat in the body and thus help in burning calories. They are known to have great antioxidant properties. This property makes it a good agent to reduce the possibility of blockages in the arteries.

    Green chillies have a high source of Vitamin E. They make you have a good and healthy skin. Being fibrous, they help in proper digestion.

    However, it should be noted that red chillies contain chemical elements that can be carcinogenic if consumed in excess.

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    Eating chillies direct is definitely not a pleasant one. They are used as ingredients in food preparation. The use style, quantum and nature vary from person to person and area to area.

    In our home we use both. When the preparation needs freshness and green taste we use green chillies. But when it is used for making stored masalas we use red chillies.

    Red chillies are those which have ripened and then sundried and kept for later use. In comparison, green chillies are less ripe or tender, have more water content and more vitamin and nutrients that are lost when drying and heating.
    Per uniform weight of green chillies ( of the same variety) will have more water and so less hotness of spice, and have more vitamin. The red dried one will have very less water content, more mature seeds, so hot and spice, more iron.

    Both help in thinning of blood, the dried ones will have more capacity.

    However as the spicy hot content is more and less fibre, the dried red chillies cause more damage to the lining of stomach and cause more burning in the lower levels.

    It is not advisable to consume chillies in excess either green or red.

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