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    Can I use India word in my website domain?

    One of my friend is having a company. He wants to book a domain name.
    Suppose xyz limited is his company. Can he use Is it allowed to use India word in a private domain name booking? Does he need to get approval from Government ? Is there any obligation ?
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    You're allowed to use name of the country. As you can see ISC has India name in the domain too. So it's not any issue at all.

    There are many companies that use the india name in it. For example there are nestle india, unilever india etc. So it's perfectly legal and allowed to use the name of the country in the domain. You can also check how many companies have the name available to use.

    However when you are using the word India with rest of the domain name, make sure the name makes sense. Otherwise it may not benefit from the SEO point of view.

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    There should be no issues in using the name of your country in the domain name. There are many private sites which use the name India in the domain name.

    However, make sure that you are not infringing on the copyright of the other stakeholders of the domain names.

    Live....and Let Live...!

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