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    Which course to choose BCom with CA or CA after BCom?

    Which course to choose BCom with CA or CA after BCom?

    Bcom in regular college with CA is good for career or CA should be done after BCom.
    Some are saying both together are hard and some are saying its very time saving and helpful. Please help me with your precious answer because I am very depressed about taking the decision.
    Experts: awaiting response.
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    Though it is not specifically mentioned by the author, but it appears that he has completed 10+2 examination so far. CA is one of the toughest career options and is one of the best career option also. It depends on the capacity of the author to do hard work. In my opinion he should first try himself by completing B.Com. with a target to achieve one of the top five ranks in college/university. Completing B.Com. will help in completing CA also. Simultaneously while doing B.Com., he may continue to learn more about the course of CA by regularly visiting the website of the Institute of the Chartered Accountants of India - It may however be noted that completing CA is a full time activity on its own and there is no scope of doing any extra curricular activity simultaneously.
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    CA is a tough course where all can't complete it. But it all depends on you that how you take it, Because B>COM is also a tough degree with calculation and even CA. You should dedicate time for both the course. Sometimes you may get confused with your calculations also. So if your firm with your mind you can take both. Other wise first complete you degree and then take it. If your now going to first year B.COM then for few months just go in for B.COM and see whether the syllabus is tough or easy and analyse whether you can take CA also with this course. Ultimately it is up to you to decide whether you can manage both or single at a time.

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    There is no hard and fast rule how the course of CA is to be initiated - during doing the B.Com course or after completion of the same. The choice is completely yours. However, keep this thing in mind that you need to have a firm resolution to achieve the same since this course requires a lot of devotion and patience.
    In order to curtail the time for the preparation of CA, you may start it along with your B.Com course. It would be better to avail of the expertise of a reputed coaching Institute in order to have better clarity of the subjects included in the examination. One such Institute imparting coaching in this line is T.I.M.E.
    However, one thing is very clear you must have the strong fundamental concept in Accounts and must possess clarity in fundamental of Mathematics.

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    I am a Chartered Accountant. I would suggest you to study both and CA together. Syllabus of CA is very wide which includes mostly all the subjects and content of Since is quite easy when compared to CA So you need not to put separate effort for B,com. While studying for CA you'll be preparing for as well.

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