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    What is liver cirrhosis and how it is treated?

    Causes and treatments of liver cirrhosis, Symptoms and precautions for liver cirrhosis.

    What is liver cirrhosis and under what conditions, it gets developed? Do drinking causes liver cirrhosis? What are the main symptoms of the liver cirrhosis and how it is diagnosed? What precautions should be taken to prevent onset of liver cirrhosis?
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    Cirrhosis is a condition, wherein the liver is damaged and doesn't function normally. It is characterized by structural changes in liver resulting in impairment of hepatic functions. Major causes of cirrhosis include chronic hepatitis B, hepatitis C, alcohol, iron disorders and Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD). However, the most common cause is chronic alcoholism.

    Symptoms of liver cirrhosis:
    Generally no symptoms are seen earlier for years and may come to clinical attention on physical examination, abnormal serum and hematologic test results or a CT scan examination.

    In general patients may have general features like fatigue, anorexia, weight loss, fever, muscle wasting etc and may exhibit other clinical findings like presence of gallstones, jaundice.

    Severe cases of cirrhosis may lead to other complications like fluid accumulation in abdominal cavity, damage the bile ducts, brain abnormality, liver failure and may even result in death.

    TREATMENT management focuses on
    • Treatment of complications that arise from cirrhosis
    • Withdrawal of alcohol and other hepatotoxins agents
    • Correction of nutritional deficiencies
    • Liver transplantation in end-stage cirrhosis
    • Vaccination of patients against hepatitis A & B
    • Use of multi drugs treatment for liver damage reversal

    Dietary and lifestyle management:
    • Avoid and quit alcohol drinking
    • Avoid taking over the counter drugs that increases the risk of liver damage
    • Get vaccinated
    • Eat a healthy diet and maintain healthy weight.
    • Exercise extreme caution on protein intake (for alcoholic liver cirrhosis patients)
    • Eat low sodium diet

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