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    How can I clear my skin and look healthy, beautiful before my marriage?

    Completed and getting married, Acne, pimples and blackheads since last 4 years, No skin treatment is helping me get a flat tummy or acne removed from my face.

    I'm 25 years old girl pursuing after completing engineering. I'm getting married in the month of November. I'm facing many skin and hair problems. I've acne, pimples and blackheads since last 4 years. The skin treatment of a year is no more effective after some days. My skin is somewhat oily and looks dull. Too big acne occur at any time of the month. My cheeks are full of acne scars. My hair are too much dry and frizzy. I've gray hair and hair fall since I was in school. I'm facing dandruff problem since last few months. My height is 5'6 and weight was 46 Kg and increased to 54 Kg in last 7 months (may be engagement effect). All the body parts are okay But my tummy is quite large. It's not like I don't eat nutritional food. I do eat everything in veg as well as non veg food. I want to get rid of all these problems. I want to look beautiful and gorgeous on my wedding day and forever. Can I do it all my own with home remedies and some ayurvedic medicines. Please help me to come out of it and be healthy.
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    I would like to suggest you to not stress yourself out. We girls get extra anxious before our big day. We want things to be perfect and in the process we go in a panic mode. I remember my days before my marriage, I had same worries. Remember- key is to be stress free. Stress will affect your health and overall appearance. Since your marriage is in the month of November, you have almost 3-4 months to work on your problems and for other preparation.

    Sit and plan things out, don't experiment with yourself. I would suggest you to visit a professional dermatologist or an ayurvedic physician for your skin and hair problem. Don't try out all the home remedies that you hear and read around. Start under the guidance of a professional. Consult ayurvedic physician for skin and hair care regime, tips, remedies. Don't try out facial treatment like facials, hair colouring or new beauty products under the beautician suggestion. I had a very bad experience.

    For a few month use minimum makeup and follow the basic skin and hair care regime strictly. Like
    • Wash face at a regular interval using mild face wash
    • Moisturize face (consult doctor for face wash and moisturizing cream)
    • Applying sun cream and use a scarf, glares etc
    • Always remove makeup before bedtime
    • Avoid going in sun or using swimming, may lead to tanning
    • Oiling hair regularly and hair wash
    • Do not go for hair straightening and other harsh styling treatment
    • Do not pop up pimples
    • Drink lots of water
    • Avoid oily and fried food; include fruits, vegetables.
    • Start a supplement for skin and hair (consult doctor)

    I feel your weight is proper, just maintain it. Start some physical activity and some exercise for stomach. Finally, follow the physician's advice and stick to it.

    Don't take unnecessary tension instead enjoy and spend quality time with your family, because bet me you will miss this time the most later after marriage.

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    Follow the below mentioned natural steps for skin and hair.
    For Skin
    1. Drink water as much as you can. Drinking lots of water helps your skin glow which otherwise looks very dry.
    2. Apply turmeric to your face. Turmeric is a very good antioxidant and thus helps in acne and pimples.
    3. Be cautious about food you consume. Certain food affects your skin. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables.
    4. Avoid exposing your skin to sun. If you are going out in sun apply a sunscreen which has SPF-15
    5. Wash your face twice in a day. Also remove any make up you have applied before going to bed.

    For Hair
    1. Apply Henna to your hair. Henna acts as a natural conditioner and gradually removes dandruff
    2. Apply curd to your hair. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off.
    3. Oil your hair at least once in a week. Massage with coconut oil.
    4. Apply castor oil which is very good for hair growth.
    5. Grind hibiscus, curry leaves with some coconut oil and apply to your hair and wash it after 30 minutes.
    6. Squeeze onion juice and apply for your hair. This has worked for me very well.
    7. Mainly, don't stress yourself. Stay calm. Stress results in hair fall.
    With above steps. dandruff will reduce and hair fall will also reduce when dandruff reduces. Also you might get pimples when dandruff falls on your face so gradually pimple problem might also reduce.

    To reduce your tummy
    1. Drink warm water with lemon and honey every morning.
    2. Exercise regularly. Go for a walk for 45 minutes.
    3. Avoid junk food and oily food. Include salad in your meal.
    4. Consume small portion of food for 5 times rather than 3 meals.
    5. Include brown rice in your food rather than white rice. Cut down all possible carbs.

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    You may take up the following points for consideration in order to avoid the skin problems, reduction in weight and maintenance of flat tummy. -
    1) You should consume at least one Apple prior to breakfast. This would help you to burn the tummy fat apart from getting valuable nutrients such as Vitamin - C and B, Calcium, Potassium etc.
    2) You may consume green tea in the empty stomach after taking two glass of warm water with a medium - sized biscuit.
    3) You need to flush out the toxins present in your system and for this, Turmeric - powder seems to be best solution. Around 2 GM of powder is to be added in a glass containing 200 ml of milk and the resultant mixture is to be boiled for five minutes and the same is to be taken in warm condition daily in night time prior to sleep.You would see a noticeable effect within a couple of days in both skin problem and in reduction of weight.
    4) You may consume Aloe Vera to the extent of two teaspoon twice daily after the principal mealof any reputed Pharmactuals for at least for forty days daily in order to get fair skin. Aloe Vera would also help in shedding your body - weight.
    5) Include Tomatoes, Cucumber, Ginger in your diet in order to enhance your metabolism.
    6) Get your thyroid profile checked, any deficient in TSH especially in case of hypo - thyroid, you may register a gain in weight. In this connction, you will have to consult your physician.
    Avoid fast foods and fried items at all the costs.

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    I guess your body needs some detox, so that it can put all the toxins out of the body. Cut off sugar and maida.. avoid junk. Eat fresh fruits n vegetable as far as possible. use colored vegetable in your diet. Exercise one hour a day for atleast 5 days a week. Drink lots and lots of water.

    First thing in the morning drink a litre of hot water with the juice of one lime and one tablespoon of honey. Initially you may find it difficult, start with a glass of water and slowly increase the volume.

    Stay happy, do meditation, this will help a lot.

    Most important, accept yourself as you are. Beauty is nothing but being comfortable in your own skin

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    hi pooja congrats for your marriage.
    For skin
    clean you face with fresh chilled water early morning or water with mind remains it over night that cleans your skin from pimples.
    For hair
    wash your hair periodically with suitable shampoo.

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    Have you been to a doctor? I suggest you get yourself tested for PCOS and thyroid. Acne, frizzy hair and premature greying can be symptoms of an underlying disease.

    A doctor preferably a dermatologist will be able to identify the real cause for your recurring acne.

    Also, know that oily skin, blackheads and comedones all lead to acne. Topical application of Benzoyl Peroxide can help improve the condition. In addition, you can take antibiotics and Isotretinoin capsules, only after consultation with a doctor. Note, these can have severe side-effects, so do not self-medicate.

    You may also try SAFI, it is marketed by Hamdard, and is a blood purifier. The taste is bitter, but it works.

    Maintain hygiene, and go for special skin treatments at established skin clinics - where they treat inflamed skin. They will remove the acne causing comedones and you will find your skin improve.

    Remember there is always a cause for acne, and that has to be treated first.

    Eat healthily, hydrate yourself and exercise.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak" - Michael Garrett Marino

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