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    Will difference in name in ID proof be an issue for document verification for job?

    Worried that difference in name of father on academic certificate and ID create a problem at the time of job application? Get quick expert answers right here.

    I want to do job in central government but there is a problem. In my academic certificates
    of 10th and 12th my father's name is written as Premanand but in my ID proof it is written as Parmanand. Will this problem affect my chances to get a job.

    Please give me a appropriate advice and solution.

    Thank you,
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    The author may concentrate on preparing and clearing competitive examinations, if any, for being considered for a central Government job. The factors like variation in name etc. can be solved later by submitting notarized affidavit etc. The chances for getting a job will depend on the hard work done for clearing the competitive examination. The higher the rank, the lesser will be the chances of creation of a problem.
    Moreover the author has not revealed as to which one is real name of his father i.e. the one which is mentioned in the certificate or the other which is mentioned in his ID proof. In case the name mentioned in certificates is correct , then he may consider making another ID proof with correct name of his father.

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    Minor name changes can be of no issue with the job. Most of the companies do understand such name mishap. The job if taken in private companies won't have much of the issues. But the government jobs do create some issues and you're likely to be asked to correct the name. So make sure to do that if you're going for the job that requires the document verification. However in order to stay fine with the things, it's better to get it corrected. Also it helps if you keep the name consistent. That is required for most of the visa and passport applications.

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