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    Do all people develop high blood pressure in old age?

    Wondering if people get high blood pressure in old age? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Most of the people suffer from high blood pressure conditions. Is it a age related problem and all people develop high blood pressure in old age? What precautions should be taken to prevent such condition? Also what are the likely side effects of taking high blood pressure medicines over a very long period?
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    To have the High Blood Pressure in the old age is a false notion and to maintain the normal BP depends upon a number of factors illustrated below-
    1) To avoid the stressful situations and to maintain simple food style ie to avoid fatty - foods, curtailing of excess salt consumption, to remain engaged in the activities which would create happiness.
    2) As far as possible, one must remain bussy with the constructive activities.
    3) To be active in exercises such as morning walking daily for a period of 45 minutes at least or to be engaged in cycling etc.
    4) Use of citrus fruits such as Lemon, Oranges, Papaya, Gooseberry, Garlic etc are very useful in maintaining Blood - pressure.
    We should ensure that we get adequate sleep in night to avoid any fluctuation in the blood - pressure.
    The side effects of prolonged taking of the blood - pressure medicine is that with the passage of time there may be alteration of its power and the dosage may be stepped up. Time to time, consultation with the specialist would be required to review the health - issue of the senior citizens.

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    High blood pressure is nothing but the high pressure in the flow of blood from heart to other parts of body. No every old age person is affected by high B.P. High blood pressure depends on various factors.
    One can control the Blood Pressure by following simple routine.
    1. Have a healthy diet. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables. Avoid any type of junk foods.
    2. Exercise regularly and be active. Walk at least for 30 minutes everyday.
    3. Reduce Sodium intake in your diet.
    4. Avoid Alcohol consumption
    5. Quit smoking

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    High blood pressure is not an age-related problem. It is very common to see a person above 40 with high blood pressure. The preventive measures are as under:-

    (a) Stress management in daily life.
    (b) Intake of healthy food.
    (c) Minimising intake of coffee and tea.
    (d) Bringing down the intake of sugar and salt drastically.
    (e) Physical exercise and/or morning walk.
    (f) Minimising alcoholic drink and smoking.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    High blood pressure is the result of the lifestyle changes, stress and the diet. And people who are affected by three are going to have that sort of blood pressure issue during the old age. It's not norm to have such issue in old age. However most of the old people also suffer from the low blood pressure and low blood sugar.

    You can avoid or control the high blood pressure to some extent. You can do some of these things in order to avoid that.

    1. Meditate on daily basis.
    2. Keep your mind calm on things you can't control.
    3. Go for walk everyday.
    4. Do some sport activity. It helps your health.
    5. Solve puzzles.
    6. Be social and that surely helps with reducing stress.

    Another very important thing to do is to stop watching news and crime programs. They create paranoia in the mind. They also going to increase the blood pressure and affect the health.

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    It is not necessary that all old people should have higher blood pressure.Though normal wear and tear associated with ageing may cause slight increase in blood pressure in old age people, than the levels of a healthy young adult, all those need not be treated medically.

    Blood pressure is the pressure needed to pump or push the blood into the arteries by heart. The pressure is different when the heart pumps and when it takes a small rest before another push. Hence we have two numbers denoting BP level. The pressure when heart pumps is called systolic pressure and when it rests before the next beat it is diastolic pressure. For a normal healthy youth adult its 120 and 80.(shown as 120/80 mm Hg) .

    To keep the BP under control we need to keep blood vessels free of blocks and also blood in its normal thickness. Life style should be adjusted in a way to avoid the formation of blocks and keeping blood in its normal thickness. Foods high in fats and chemicals may be regulated and even avoided. Salt intake should be regulated. The doctor will be suggesting these depending upon the levels and trend.

    If medication is needed it should be properly complied with.
    If the person is having other risk factors like diabetes etc then more care should be given. Monitoring should be more frequent and regular.

    Though chemical medicines can give some side effects in he long use, we have to make a comparative evaluation about the health issue and side effects. It is generally seen the side effects are far less and manageable in comparison with the possible damages the aggravating of health problems cause.

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    High Blood Pressure in the old age is a false notion and there are many causes of hypertension.
    Causes of hypertension
    1. Consumption of more saturated fats
    2. Consumption of more sweets
    3. Sedentary life style and lack of physical exercise
    4. Disease in vital organs such as kidney, heart, liver, lungs may cause hypertension
    5. High level of cholesterol and disturbed lipid profile also can lead to hypertension
    6. More salt intake
    7. Repeated emotional stress
    8. Smoking raises blood pressure
    9. Diabetic patients are prone to hypertension
    10. Long term use of oral contraceptives. The sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone interfere with the renin mechanism and cause retention of salt and water.
    11. Children of hyper tentative persons are more prone to hypertension.
    Side effects of BP medicines are-
    1. concentration of abdominal fat.
    2. Erectile dysfunction (ED)
    3.Weight gain(over wt.)
    4.sometimes excessive urination
    5.addiction-once the medicine is started you can not leave it lifetime.

    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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