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    What is sodium potassium balance with reference of the medical conditions?

    Searching for information about effect of potassium on old age? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Often in old age people develop medical issues like sodium potassium imbalance. What is sodium potassium balance with reference of the medical conditions? How it can be prevented? What are the rich sources of potassium which should be included in daily diet?
    Awaiting advice.
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    The ratio of sodium to potassium balance is essential for the regulation of heart health, correct maintenance of blood pressure and for the avoidance of muscular cramp.
    In order to have smooth operation of our heart, we need to consume max 1.5 GM of Sodium - chloride per day or still better, it must be restricted to 1.0 GM.
    To know the exact presence of such balances such as Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium etc, we have to go in fasting cerium test to assess the actual presence of each constituents. The optimium presence of Sodium should be around 139. Any deviation from it has to corrected with either addition or by curtailing the same.
    The chief sources of Potassium are Avacado, Spinach, Guava, Banana etc. In case of its deficiency, one may take up the Potassium enriched foods.

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    Potassium and sodium are essential for our body in the role of electrolytes. They are essential for muscle and bone functions. They are also needed for digestive functions Potassium also helps to keep control of water in our body and also to maintain the pH level. . However excess or deficiency can cause some imbalance in the body.
    We lose electrolytes in sweating.
    As higher sodium level has adverse effects on blood pressure, sodium can be regulated and some of it can be compensated by additional potassium intake. Potassium deficiency affects heartbeat and even glucose tolerance.
    Sodium is needed 200mg min a day and should be restricted to maximum 1500 mg in all . Potassium lower levels are prescribed at 4.4g for a normal healthy person and can be reduced for people having kidney problems. As changes in sodium and potassium can affect heart beat, blood pressure and glucose tolerance also especially old people are more sensitive to such change, sodium-potassium balance is essential to be maintained.
    It is suggested for people not to resort to self treatment, but follow a balanced nutritious diet with reduction and regulating salt intake and include foods like fruits and vegetables, potatoes , citrus fruits, banana ,avocadoes, spinach, sardines, apricots etc, if there no specific health . In case of any health issues they should consult qualified doctors.

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