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    What to to finalise as the name for our new home.

    Last minute decision about the name of the house, Finalise name for our new house.

    Few days back we are in rush to finalise all jobs before the grihapravesh of our new house. All the planning was done before hand so things fall online.
    But just at last moment I noticed we have not thought for the name for our new house.
    Till now I just thought that it must contain my mother's name "Shanti".
    Friend please help and suggest some really good name containg word "Shanti".
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    I my opinion the house may be named simply as 'Shanti'.
    Adding other words like house or home to make it 'Shanti House' or 'Shanti Home' are likely to diminish the gravity and meaning of the word Shanti.
    The other alternative is 'Om Shanti'.
    There are many synonyms of the word house in different languages of India. The most common synonyms of the word Shanti in Hindi language are - Awas, Vas, Grih, Bhavan, Niketan, Niwas, Aalay etc. Thus a combination of the word Shanti and any synonym of the word house can also be used.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Shanti Kunj, Shanti Niwas, Om Shanti and Sukhshanti could be some of the good options. Ohter better choices could be Shantidhaam, Shantinilaya or just Shanti.
    Live....and Let Live...!

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