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    How do we put H2 and H3 tags in our articles?

    How to do apply HTML tags to my text?

    I had recently posted few articles which are in pending status and require H3 tagging for titles and headings. I am unaware how to do the same. Experts please advice me about how to do that kind of tagging so that I am able to submit my work in better format.
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    h2 or h3 tags are known as heading tags and are inserted as follows -
    1. HTML tags have two ends- the opening ends and the closing ends. Such tags are made by use of symbols known as angle brackets e.g. the opening ends as <> and the closing ends by symbol < / >, the symbol of stroke '/' denoting closing of the tag. In either case there is no space in between, but instead a code is put in between to get the desired results.
    2. Heading tags - The code h2 or h3 are put between angle brackets in the opening tag, replacing the space between the brackets and the same code h2 is put after the symbol '/' in the closing tag replacing the spaces in between.
    Thus the opening and closing tags will look like < h2 > and < / h2 > (with all spaces removed)
    Please refer following article also -

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    As per the guidelines for posting articles on ISC, and other sites in the Spidernetwork - you need to use the H2 tags for larger paragraphs and H3 tags for the smaller ones.

    The HTML tags need to be enclosed within the angle brackets. Do not forget to close the tags properly.
    The H2 tag can be illustrated as below -

    < H2>How does this work< /H2> will look like

    How does this work

    I have left a space before H2 and /H2 to let you know how to use them. DO NOT use the space anywhere.

    You can use all those HTML tags similarly. Use i tags for italicising like italics, b tag to provide Bold etc.

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    On ISC and techulator you're supposed to add the H3 tags to the paragraph. H2 tag is only meant for the article header. That is taken care of by the site template so you don't have to add that.

    Here's how you can use the tags.

    < h2 > Insert title here < / h2 >
    This will create H2 header for title.

    < h3 > Insert paragraph header h3 < / h3 >
    This will create H3 header for paragraph.

    Note: I have added some extra space in between the operator > and < that you need to remove while using the tag.

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    You can do the same by using the HTML tags. HTML Tags are used to instruct the browser to display contents in a specific format. You can use < h2 &gl and < h3 &gl tags to create headings in your article. These tags are known as heading tag.

    Example 1.
    < h2 > Your Text Here </ h2 >

    Your Text Here

    Example 2.
    < h3 > Your Text Here </ h3 >

    Your Text Here



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    Thank uu everyone for taking out time to describe the procedure.

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    There are 6 heading tags available in html. h1 tag shows the bigger text as compared to h2 tag and h2 tag shows bigger text as compared to h3 tag and so on. as the number decrease the text size also decrease. use tags according to the size of the heading required in your article. use opening and closing tag. for example:

    < h2 > Your heading < /h2 >

    < h3 > your another heading < /h3 >

    Tags automatically sets the spacing between them.

    All the Best.

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    In HTML language when you want to apply some action in your text you need to apply some tag for that. For heading purpose you have such tags like h1, h2, h3 etc. which gives you different size of heading. But when you apply a tag it has opening and closing tag for that.
    Opening tag= < h1 >
    body of the text passage , you have type your text here
    Closing tag= < /h1 >

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    When you are preparing an article you need to proof-read with the help of Micosoft Office Word, copy and paste the whole content in Notepad.

    Note that, H1 is not recommended because it is considered as spamming.

    The HTML tags allowed to use in Article section are:
    1. H2 - This tag is for heading.
    2. H3 - This tag is for subheadings.
    3. STRONG - This tag is for making Bold keywords. Instead of using the bold tag "B", you are advised to use < STRONG >

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    I had as of late posted couple of articles which are in pending status and require H3 labeling for titles and headings. I am ignorant how to do likewise. Write My Essay Specialists please guidance me about how to do that sort of labeling with the goal that I am ready to present my work in better organization.

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    Basic html tags are used for highlighting the text , headings in your article or webpage in order to make beautiful.
    In html the reserved tags are H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6.
    Note:tag names are put in between angular brackets.
    Syntax :
    opening tag ..... content....closing tag

    Examples :
    h1 tag used for main heading :


    h2 tag used for subheading heading :


    Note 1: You can use other tags according to your need.

    Note 2: you can also nest bold , italic etc text writing formats with tags .

    Syntax :
    opening_tag ....italic_tag..... content...italic_tag.....closing_tag

    Example : using italic with h2 tag.

    H2 tag with italic text format .

    Note:In html users are also allowed to create their own tag.

    W3schools is one of the popular website to start with html basic to advance level.

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