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    Hindustan copper target in next week

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    Can you forecast the target for Hindustan Copper in equity in the coming week? I have invested in 7000 shares of Hind Copper 2 days ago for Rs 67.10. Now the current level is Rs 64. What should I do should: hold for next 1 week or sell in loss?
    Awaiting advice.
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    There is no short-term impetus for the script to rise right now. The script is facing resistance at Rs. 70/-. It will remain range-bound for next few weeks. If you have purchased the stock for short-term trading purpose, it won't give you much profit (considering the resistance at Rs. 70/- level).
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    The current price of the share is hovering around Re 65/- and if you anticipate any escalation in its price in near future, it is not likely to be seen. The best way would be to retain the same at this stage.
    The future scenario of this metal seems to be bright because of its possibility of consumption in the industries. So it is not advisable to dispose it off right now.

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