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    Document verification in govt job having different in surname spelling

    Worried about document verification in a government job because of name issue? Find advice from experts which can resolve your query.

    Document verification for government job with different surname spelling on certificates. There is a problem in my name in the 10th and 12th certificate. Can this create a problem for selection for a government job?
    Experts: do advice.
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    Without knowing the exact problem, no opinion can be offered. In case it is only a very minor difference e.g. difference in spellings etc. like use of 's' instead of 'sh' , then there may not be any problem . However in the full name is totally different, then the problem is likely to arise in case not taken care of. However the solution to the problem may be found out by preparing notarized affidavits in consultation with a legal professional. It may also depend on the type of Government organization in which the author is able to get selected. Standards and norms in defense establishments may be different than a civilian organization.
    In my opinion, the author should concentrate on doing hard work for getting selected by passing competitive examination, if any, for getting selected in a Government job. The variation in the spelling mistakes etc. can be taken care of by resorting to legal recourse.

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    It can be generally stated that mismatch of name/surname in different documents may definitely cause problem, not only in Government job, but also in other areas, as for example, at the time of applying for passport. I would advise you to get an affidavit done before a First-class Magistrate of your city which would state that: "The name of ABC (correct name) has been wrongly written as abc (incorrect name) in the Xth/XIIth Board certificate. ABC and abc are the same person." Advertisements on similar lines are required to be published in one English newspaper and one vernacular newspaper. You are required to preserve the affidavit and original advertisements permanently.

    At the same time, you may apply to the concerned Board authorities for correction of your name in the documents and records.

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