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    Why Adsense Revenue is always 0.00$ ?

    Having a query about adsense revenue? Find advice from experts on this page.

    My google status is approved in ISC. But still the revenue is showing 0.00$ from 2-3 months. I don't know what to do for increasing it. I had also written about 10 articles that are also approved. But I am not frequent visitor on ISC. Experts: do share your knowledge and tips regarding this concern.
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    Adsense revenue only appears if your article ads gets clicked by others. If you have no click on ads then that means you'd not get paid. No money appears on the dashboard. You have to constantly write the content. And this way you can make sure that people are coming to your new articles. And this way there can be clicks on ads. That's how the money is generated. If you are not earning money from ISC articles in past then write new articles. Create new blog for yourself and use adsense code there too. This way you have more content to get ad approval.

    If your adsense is hosted only then write a blog with your own domain. And get the adsense approval for your blog. Full adsense account(which means not limited to hosted) is good way to increase your revenue.

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    Initially ad sense takes time to build up gradually. It mainly depends on the web content posted by you.
    If your posts are such that many readers visit the content and good advertisements are displayed. No just that, the visitors should be clicking prompted by the use and need of the advertisement matter.

    The adsense income in general depends on the high number of visitors and the high number of positive clicks on ads displayed there.
    A word of caution; no artificial methods should be used to inflate visits and clicks.
    It is a general inference (regarding ISC) that one gets chance of more AdSense revenue by contributing good quality, unique subject unique content articles. Job posts also get visitors and ad sense more. The other section that gets visitors and adsense (as per user feedback) is admissions and colleges.
    There are some helpful articles and forum discussions and testimonials in ISC pages about adsense and increasing adsense revenue. You may search with proper words.
    One such link is AdSense Revenue Sharing

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