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    How toy balloons are manufactured?

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    Toy balloons in various colors and designs are available in the market for its use on various occasions for decoration and for use as a toy for playing of children in its inflated form? How toy balloons are manufactured and how various colors and designs are incorporated in the same?
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    Balloons are made from natural rubber or latex. The latex is a sappy white liquid oozed out by the Rubber plant on proper cutting of the tree skin at certain angle . The latex oozing out is collected. The same is then cleaned of the farm impurities.
    Required colour dye is added to this latex solution and stirred to mix properly and kept it in motion as not to allow immediate solidification.
    Moulds of balloonshapes called pre-formers or formers are kept ready for the required shape of balloon. (They are balloon shaped balls with a small pipe or rod attached at one end)These formers are dipped in the coloured latex solution and taken out. A thin layer of latex gets coated over the formers. The excess is allowed to drip off. Then the formers are allowed to dry. Before they dry and solidify completely, the circular tip at the pipe end is rolled back to get a rim for the balloon. Then it is allowed to dry further and vulcanised- process for making stronger. At last they are washed for removing any chemicals. After drying talcum is smeared outside and inside to make them soft and shiny to handle easily.

    There are small units where these steps are done manually with very les help of machines. But in large factories almost all these processes are automatic and goes pre-scheduled systematically by machines.

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    Balloons these days are made up of the artificial rubber or the latex. Earlier the natural material was used for the production. However these days the chemicals used for the latex are made up from the wasted latex from other processes. This way the recycling of the chemicals helps creating a new product. Prior to the natural rubber, the pork fat was used for the baloons in the old rome and other places.

    Today most of the production happens at the chemical factories. The wasted chemicals are often used for the latex. And the type of the rubber generated is processed through number of tests and then the smallest possible form. This form is then used for creating the balloon. Colors are added during final form of the rubber or the latex. Such balloons again go through the quality control process. And finally after checking the quality of the rubber, they are cut in the size respectively. Lot of such designed balloons often end up wasted so again final process requires quality control. Different design and the process being done at the small level so for each manufacturer the process may differ.

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