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    Does name mismatch create any problem in getting government job?

    Are you having a name mismatch in certificates? Worried about document verification for a government job? Find advice from experts on this page.

    In my 10 and 12 certificate my father's name is not matching.
    Will it create any problem in document verification for a government job?
    If it will create what should I do?
    Experts: do advice.
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    This type of questions has been discussed time and again in this platform. At the time of joining Govt. service after getting selected through a very tough selection process, the documents of the selected candidates are verified very minutely. At that time, the discrepancy in father's name will definitely be noted.
    The author of this thread may sign a declaration before a Notary stating that the name of father has been wrongly spelt in Xth (or XIIth, as the case may be) certificate. He/she also give a suitably worded advertisement in an English and a vernacular newspaper. The original Notarised declaration and advertisement must be preserved carefully and to be submitted at the time of any future problem.

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    Prior to final selection in a job the Government or otherwise, all the certificates acquired by an aspirants are thoroughly examined and in case of discrepancy, they may be deprived of the oppurtunities. Hence, the corrective step in this regard is essential prior to attending any interview.
    You may approach the authorities of the school indicating the descrepancy present in your certificate in the application and finally the same is to be forwarded to the office of the Board from where you have passed the said examination. You would get a fresh certificate after the same being corrected. Afterwards, you have to approach the rotary magistrate of your area for the final approval that you are the bonafide candidate. Later you have to display this advertisement in some local - paper apart from the leading English Newspaper.
    These process may be time consuming but this would offer you a permanent solution.

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    Simply speaking a change in the name from a cheque and bank account will affect much for clearing the amount as the bankers refuse to pay/clear the cheque if the name in cheque and bank account differs even in spelling or one letter. so, the change is change and it should be corrected immediately without getting any delay. Delaying in such steps will lead further and further problem of explaining to each and every person. For this, it is better to correct immediately by approaching the authority issued the certificate that is to say, if your 10th certificate is correct, approach the authority issued 12th certificate without any delay. Moreover if the delay occurs there may be chances of further delay in searching your particular record in the office as the office is heaped with many more records.

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    Most of the government department ask you to get the correction before joining the department. So you are given some time for the mismatch and other document correction. So usually it is not going to cause any issues at all. You just have to make sure that you get the things managed before joining the position. You may face issue if you dont correct the documentation. As often such correction if not check may delay your joining and affect your job too.

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