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    Is it necessary to do electrical and plumbing sections along with Hvac in MEP?

    I'm a Mechanical engineering graduate.
    I'm currently doing Hvac system engineering/Advanced Hvac course with 3 months duration.I don't have any interest in doing electrical part in MEP.That's why I chose to focus hvac only.But I came to know that job opportunities will be less if I skip Electrical and plumbing part in MEP.So kindly give some feedbacks and advices about this as soon as possible
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    In case it is possible to get a job easily, then it is advisable to complete the MEP course also. However there is demand in the field of HAVC field also. Completing any additional course is likely to add value in the overall profile of the job aspirants. It may be noted that no room should be left for offering any excuse later for remaining unemployed. Therefore in my opinion the author should consider completing MEP course also and then see later as to what happens. There is always a possibility that after joining a big company, the author can show his talent in the field of his choice and develop expertise in that field only through experience. Getting initial break is most important.

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