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    What are the main differences between a scholarship and a fellowship?

    Wants to know the difference between Fellowship and a Scholarship. Check in here to make the difference from our ISC experts.

    What are the main similarities and differences between a scholarship and a fellowship? Also what are the eligibility criteria for receiving a scholarship or a fellowship and what are the main and prestigious scholarships and fellowships available in India?
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    Scholarship is the financial support given to a meritorious student pursuing learning; as a gift award or as full or part amount to meet the expenses for such learning. Scholarship is understood generally related to undergraduate, graduate and formal post graduate levels of education .

    However a fellowship is a grant given to a fellow or member in an academic body or a body promoting or researching on arts, literature etc. where the necessity is not a formal learning but a sort of working as a team of equals on a common goal or subject.(Example Fellowship in the Sahitya Academy)

    The eligibility criteria varies and depends on the organisation or body that gives the scholarship or fellowship. Those details will be given in the announcements or brochures inviting applications. Fellowships can also be bestowed honourarily as direct selection recognising the previous merits.

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    If we check this from the context of the financial rewards, then both have completely different meaning. Also the meaning is often limited where it is being used. You won't get fellowship on school and college level. However on university level learning you'd get the fellowship.

    In case of scholarship, the financial reward is given to the person to aid the education. And for that the scholarship is given to the student with the merit. Scholarship is often graded and vetted based on the merit. That is not the case with the fellowship and it is given on the basis of the financial aid for certain outcome.

    In case of fellowship, the financial reward is given as a grant for the research purpose. And the financial reward is given upto the competition of research or specific threshold to support the person. It can be for science research, literature and other important aspects.

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