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    What is yellow journalism and why it is called so?

    Very often we come across the word 'Yellow Journalism' and let us know about this from our experts here.

    What is yellow journalism and why it is called so? What are the main differences and similarities between normal journalism and yellow journalism? Please give some examples of yellow journalism to make the concept fully clear? Is it practiced in India also?
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    Yellow journalism refers to the type of content creation where the data is fake and not authentic. Often data is constructed based on the personal views. It is exaggerated. It is made to make people buy the news paper or click on the article link. It is not at all genuine news. This concept was started in early 90s in India. First TV news channel started this and then newspaper followed the suit.

    Most of the news that you read on social media such as facebook, twitter and Google plus are part of yellow journalism. Social media has created issues with yellow journalism. It has in turn also created freedom of speech issue. That is often being reported among the news people too.

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    Yellow Journalism refers to the sensational journalism where the information provided is not authentic. More often than not, the information provided in the guise of a true story is, in actuality, a made up one.
    It was actually started by newspapers which had nothing to publish. They began using flashy and eye-catching headlines to sensationalise a rather inconsequential news item . The aim was to increase the circulation. The concept was later adopted by TV channels as well. It involves heavy dependence on unnamed sources ( I have doubts whether sources exist or not) and usage of eye-catching color and phrases.

    The term has a long history, but there are no sure pieces of evidence of why the term was used. The practice of sensationalising the news began as part of the war fo supremacy between the New York World and New York Journal. Both the papers resorted to sensationalisation of the news. They used the means like colorful and sensational news to increase their circulation.

    The term Yellow Journalism was the result of the cartoon strips The Yellow Kid published by both these newspapers. It was Erwin Wardnan , the edtor of New York Express who coined the word Yellow Journalism. He used the term "Yellow Kid Journalism" to refer to these two newspapers and their way of sensational journalism. The word later changed into Yellow Journalism.

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    As Kamat and Mahesh had briefed rightly, Yellow Journalism refers to negligent, unrealistic and a kind of flamboyant reporting of news without regards to facts. As one could easily spot the difference between normal and yellow journalism, the former one adheres to ethics whereas the latter one is more into misrepresenting and concealing truth behind the news.

    The question pops up "Why is the type of journalism tagged to the color 'Yellow' ". The reason being, "war" between Pulitzer's paper the New York World and William Hearst's New York Journal. During 1896, many cartoons were getting published in newspapers. However, Pulitzer started creating a new cartoon under the name 'Yellow Kid' with the help of cartoonist Mr.Outcault. Out of rivalry and competition, Hearst pulled Mr.Outcault to his side offering him more perks. Thus various versions of 'Yellow Kid' started floating around between two newspapers. Yellow Kid became a buzz word later on and paved way to sensationalize stories. Yellow was assumed to be derived from it and hence 'Yellow Journalism'.

    If you ask about its practice in India, I would say 'Yes' its being practiced since couple of decades. I can cite examples like portrayal of news "Amitabh's rebirth" after his normal illness and continuous coverage of his travel from home to hospital and back which is totally ridiculous and just done to grab TRP ratings.

    The onus lies with media persons to oblige and pursue moral ethics before reporting any fake overcooked news as they are one of our pillars of democracy.


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