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    How to take Dabur's Chyawanprash?

    Suffering from fatigue? wondering how to take Dabur Chawanprash? On this page you will find all the answers that you are looking for.

    I am a lady of 55 plus. One of my chronic problem is worms infestation. I have another chronic problem, anemia. I think, I suffer from anemia due to worms infestation. For this I have to take bitter vegetables like karela, chirata etc. almost everyday to keep worms at bay. Moreover I have to take anti worms tablet (Albendazole) at least two times in a year.

    Everyday in the morning I take 2 teaspoons of Dabur's honey in empty stomach. Moreover I have to take one dose of Ayurvedic powder ( a mixture of Trailakya Chintamoni, Hirakadyuti & Amrita Rasayan ) twice a day with Dabur's honey (1/2 teaspoon at a time) to combat dry eye problem.

    1. Can usage of honey can aggravate my worms problem?

    Very recently I have been suffering from too much fatigue. In the evening almost everyday I have to lie down on bed to take rest, i.e., I can't work any more due to fatigue. I have decided to take Dabur's Chyawanprash to boost up my energy level and immunity. I take Dabur's Aswagandha churna (one heaped teaspoon) regularly. On an Ayurvedic doctor's advice I started taking this churna for an overall well being and to lessen my debility.

    2. Since Chyawanprash also contains Aswagandha churna, should I take Chawanprash in addition to taking Aswagandha churna?

    3. How can I take the Chyawanprash? What is the procedure?

    Awaiting advice.
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    It appears that you are having a lot of confusion with regard to intake of Chawanyaprash made by Dabur. The following points may be noted with respect to consumption of Chwanyaprash.-
    1) Chawanyaprash is known as Rasayan which tones up the entire body - system because of presence of several invaluable herbs such as Amlaki, Banslochan, Aswagandha, Cinamom, Satawari etc each having unique quantity to boost up the immunity of the system. The best way of its consumption is in the morning along with the milk in the empty stomach and this may be repeated in the evening. The dose should be restricted to one table spoon - to be dissolved in the warm milk.
    2) Since it is an Ayurvedic Rasayan, it should be used on a regular basis giving the body a chance for supplementation for all the essential nutrients to work together to tone up bones and muscles.
    3) It enhances immunity thereby protecting the longevity of the life.
    4) However, care has to be taken for the diabetic people to avoid its usage since this Rasayan is blended with excess honey and ghee making it unfit for the diabetic people.
    With regard to your query that honey should be taken or not in case of worm infection, it should be noted that honey itself acts as an antibiotic and so there is no such restriction in its usage in the case of infection.
    Supplementation of Aswagandha along with Chanyaprash would not be detrimental since presence of Aswagandha in the later is in very minute quantity.

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    From what I could understand, I feel that the problem of worms is the major contributing factor for your many issues.
    I trust that you had already consulted and experienced and qualified doctor on this regard.
    If you are doing self-medication, please discontinue that and meet a doctor. You may need periodical monitoring of the infestation of worms(or other matter) by periodical lab tests.

    You may tell that doctor about any other problems and can get his advice.

    Regarding the Ayurvedic medicines you now take, that also I hope you are taking under proper medical advice. If so ask that doctor about taking Chyavanaprash also. In some specific cases two seemingly harmless medicines also should not go together. Or they may be just superfluous.Only your doctor can tell that.
    I sincerely feel that your medicine regime needs a total re-organising. It is not advisable to add medicines 'a l carte' like this , but to take a comprehensive view after a proper consultation and then decide on the course, medicine and dose. Please do that as early as possible.

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    Here are some of the answers from where I see your problems.

    1. Honey usage in the food may often affect those who are troubling with the worms and acidity issue. So you have to be careful with that part in the diet. You may want to check with doctors before you choose any such intake.

    2. Aswagandha in the chyavanprasha is mixed with other herbs. So the effect is collective. Whereas the Aswagandha that you take separately will have it's effect in different way. But still you may want to discuss that part with ayurveda medicine doctor. You can find a lot of advice on that from him or her.

    3. One teaspoon of the chyavanprash every morning is more than enough for normal cases. Sometimes doctor suggest taking it two times a day. I think that would surely be good in your case. My personal suggestion would be taking the chyavanprash in the morning. Also do see if you can do exercise during the afternoon. That surely helps a lot in the long term.

    It is helpful if you revise your medicine by taking the advice from doctors. This way you can address health issues one at a time.

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    Actually chawanprash can be consumed early morning before breakfast and night before dinner followed by half glass milk.
    As I read your problem I don't think you should take so many churna's. Every week one day you can just dry fry 1tbsp ajwain or it is also called as oma and add one glass of water, allow it to boil for atleast five minutes in low flame. After that strain the water to the glass and drink it every week. This is very good for deworming. You can try this you will find a lot of relief.
    If medication is prescribed by the doctor then you can continue. But try out ajwain syrup won't effect your medications that your taking.

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    1) Honey will not aggravate worm infestation. It is widely used in the treatment of worm infestation. Thus, continue taking it. Also, it will help you to get rid of your fatigues and energize your body.

    2) Chyawanprash contain small amounts of ashvagandha. Thus, continue taking ashvagandha as well as Chyawanprash for better benefits.

    3) Method of consuming Dabur's Chyawanprash:-
    Dosage of Chyawanprash depends upon the age of an individual. It is however very safe and can be taken by an individual of any age group as it is an Ayurveda formula that will keep the body healthy and mind relaxed. It builds line of defense, i.e., increases defense power of an individual by increasing his immunity. Thus, body becomes resistant to any sort of infections and disorders keeping an individual always healthy. Day to day infections like common cold, flu, fever, which develop due to weather changes are prevented. It increases stamina and helps an individual to remain fit.
    Dabur Chyawanprash should be consumed twice a day. It is recommended that adults take approximately 1 tsp which is almost 12 gm of Chyawanprash and for kids half a tsp will be enough which will be roughly 6 gm. Kids after the age of 3 should be allowed to take Chyawanprash. Until they reach the age of 12, they should be given 6 gm of this product at least twice a day. However, after the age of 12, their dosage should be doubled as their body and bones both require essential nutrients for proper growth.
    Dabur Chyawanprash can be consumed on its own, but it's efficiency increases if it is consumed along with milk. This product has lots of essential nutrients which are actually Ayurveda formula derived from almost 2,500 years back. They increase internal defense system of body by boosting its mechanism and in order to increase the efficiency of these ingredients it is better to consume it with milk as milk itself has many medicinal values and when these age old more than 45 Ayurveda ingredients act with it, efficiency of Chyawanprash increases. Also, many people complain of heartburn due to spices present in Chyawanprash. When this product is consumed with milk, heart burn, acidity and all such digestion related problems do not develop.

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