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    What are the diseases in which homeopathic treatment is not effective?

    Wondering in which disease is homeopathic treatment not effective? Find responses from experts on this page.

    Many people believe in homeopathic system and take treatment accordingly. It is generally said that the homeopathic treatment is effective in certain conditions, but in certain serious conditions the same should not be depended upon. What are the diseases in which homeopathic treatment is not effective?
    Experts: do suggest.
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    Homeopathy is an alternative medicine which has been practiced since age old period. However, studies have proved that it is not effective in treatment of any disease or condition. A patient feels he is recovering when on homeopathic treatment and that is mainly due to the placebo effect he experiences.

    Science has given other explanations apart from placebo effect in case of healing experienced by homeopathic patients. They are:-
    1. When the patient stops other unpleasant treatments and starts concentrating on homeopathic medicine, he feels good as the side effects exerted on his body from other sorts of treatments are seen to be diminished gradually.
    2. He feels positive as he is shown concern and care by his care giver.
    3. Body has its own ability to heal itself and this is what happens over a period of time. Thus, patient experiences healing of his disease and correction of disorder and the whole credit goes to this form of alternative medicine.

    Homeopathic medicines are not effective in these conditions:-
    -Life-threatening situations.
    -Asthma with impaired breathing.
    -Conditions which require immediate antibiotics like meningitis.
    -Over exposure to environmental toxins.
    -Conditions which require simple nutritional care.
    -Conditions which require changes in life style.
    -Serious infections which require large doses of antibiotics.
    -Conditions like cancer which require surgery.
    -Fatal organ failure like kidney failure or liver diseases.
    -Heart blockage or other heart related diseases which requires immediate surgery.

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    There are some diseases which don't respond to Homoeopathic treatments. Some of these has been noted below-
    1) Allergic - disease- Though the homoeopathic medicines are prescribed depending upon the personality of a man and the doctor ensures in complete evaluation of the charecterstics of the patients, they fail to get satisfactory results for Asthama, Autoimmune disease such as Thyroid, Diabetes, Lactose - intolerance etc.
    2) Reversible - diseases - A little relief can be noticed initially for the patients suffering from GERD, Migraine etc, there does not seem to be the permanent cures for such diseases.
    3) Diseases of critical nature- In the critical stage of any disease this system is not to be relied upon such as Dengue, Heart - attacks, Celebral - malaria etc. Under such condition immediate consultation of the specialists in the Allopathic - system would be required to arrest the detoriating conditions.
    4) Nature of infection- In severe infections such as TB, HIV, Typhoid, Hepatitis of all the categories including A, B, C etc, we need to resort to Allopathic - system.
    5) life threatening situations - In the event of meeting an accidents where immediate medical help is required for carrying out operation, Intravenous injection or infusion of blood to the patients, this system is not reliable.
    6) Cancers - In the advanced stage of cancer, where surgery is the immediate answer, this system fails to deliver result.
    If the disease is not serious in nature such as Skin - disease, Cough, Cold where the danger is not imminent, there is no harm in consultation of an Homeopath.

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    Homeopathy is a system of medicine that believes in gentle treatment and the goal is to cure the disease. There is a lot of difference between cure and palliation. Palliation is temporary relief from symptoms and but cure is complete relief from the disease and its symptoms. Homeopathic medicines are given in very low doses which stimulate your immunity and help in building resistance towards that disease. To be simple, your body is made so powerful that it throws away the disease. Cancer is a disease that cannot be cured. Please remember they use a word "remission" for cancer and when cancer spreads to all the parts of the body no medicine/surgery can help the patient. Therefore, palliative treatment is given to the patient with the aim of decreasing the suffering. Simple diarrhea can become a life-threatening condition when not addressed properly. Also, consider rehydration with IV fluids in case of fluid loss or blood loss does not belong to any system of medicine it is just pure medicine. All emergency life-saving procedures do not belong to any system of medicine. All the doctors have to follow the basic principles of physiology, pathology, medicine and surgery to diagnose the diseases properly and recommend the best method of treatment i.e with drugs/medicines or with surgery. All the systems of medicines have their own scopes and limitations. Homeopathic treatment is the only resort for chronic diseases like psoriasis, asthma, gastric conditions if you want to achieve cure. Homeopathic medicines are also effective in acute cases and work wonders with infants especially for infant colic (severe abdominal pain) contradicting the theory of belief or placebo effect. It is the disease or the condition and the time you consult the doctor becomes important. In case of kidney disease once the pathogenesis or damage starts, no medicine can bring back the previous health. In such conditions, the only mode of treatment in all the systems of medicine is to try and stop the damage or delay the progression of disease to increase the lifespan of the patient. Choosing the right system of medicine for different conditions is really a question in your mind, I recommend you to follow the old way of having a good qualified family doctor from any system of medicine who can actually direct you to the right system or specialty of medicine for a speedy recovery.

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