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    What is naturopathy system of treatment?

    Want to know more about naturopoathy? Wondering how it differs from other types of treatment? Find responses from experts on this page.

    Besides the well known medical treatment systems like allopathy, homeopathy, ayurvedic and unani etc. there is naturopathy system of treatment also. What is naturopathy system of treatment? How it differs from other systems? Is treatment of all types of medical conditions possible under such system?
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    Naturopathy is a form of alternative medicine which employs complete natural methods and thus is far away from imparting any sorts of ill-effects or side effects. It helps in natural healing by bringing certain changes in diet and lifestyle. Naturopathy uses this basis and promotes natural healing of body by bringing certain changes in life style and diet which consequently reduce stress and tension enriching that vital force in body which will help or guide natural internal healing. It does not promote use of drugs or surgery of any kind.

    Naturopathy includes various healing practices like:-
    - herbalism,
    -physical medicine,
    - acupuncture,
    - ozone-therapy,
    massage therapy,
    - traditional Chinese medicine,
    - colonic edema,
    - live blood analysis,
    -reflexology etc.....

    As naturopathy is completely based on therapies which uses natural elements to heal body, it thereby makes best use of sun rays, fresh oxygen, nutritious vegetarian wholesome foods. It advocates withdrawal from alcohol, smoking and avoiding excess of salt and sugar. Abstention from non-veg food is also advocated.

    Naturopathy not only is a therapy to heal body whereas also helps in healing of mind and thus it keeps certain counseling sessions which mainly promotes relaxation through meditation and other methods which helps to get rid of stress and tension.

    Naturopathy works on following principles:-
    -Naturopathy believes in nature's healing power, as it believes that there is a vital force or energy within body which can promote its healing.
    -It believes in the concept of "prevention is better than cure".
    -It is completely free of side-effects as all the methods it uses in healing process are natural and will never be able to create other sorts of conditions.
    -Rather than treating symptoms, it treats underlying cause.
    -It provides treatment of whole body, rather than focusing on certain body part or an organ.
    -It focuses on self-care.

    Naturopathy mainly deals with prevention of diseases or disorders. It also helps in healing of body if diseases or disorders have taken room in it. As far as emergency or critical cases are concerned, naturopathy cannot deal with it as natural methods seem to take lots of time in healing process. Allopathy system or other modern surgical procedures can easily deal with emergency situations. Naturopathy is best to deal with chronic illnesses or acute illnesses but of non-emergency type. Other sorts of conventional medicine makes use of drugs and surgery to treat patients whereas naturopathy focuses on treating underlying cause of the disease which will promote in treatment of the disease and correction of disorder rather than focusing on treatment of symptoms.

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