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    How ‘CM Security App’ is secure for SmartPhone or Android Mobiles?

    Searching for information about‘CM Security App’ SmartPhone or Android Mobiles ? wondering whether it is secure? Check out responses from experts here.

    I am using CM Security App since I have purchased the handset. There are a lot of features in it which I've been experimenting and using that makes all operations ease and light. However, today while installing another application I found a message of activation (ON) in it. Please refer the attached image screenshot, where some crucial messages you can see:

    1. Turn this 'ON' to protect Browser and Facebook Messenger's Privacy.
    2. CM Security needs to: Observe your actions (Receive notifications when you're interacting with an app.) and Retrieve Window Content (Inspect the content of a window that you're interacting with.)

    What actual meaning of these messages? Is there any suspense or risk behind this, if I activate it?
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    Antivirus apps monitor the device before they work on virus. This applies to any device, be it smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop. They need to work side by side with the kernel to avoid virus from affecting the device.

    For this the anti virus asks you for set of permission type approval. In your case the app wants to stay on top of monitoring the process and file running queue. This way it can figure out how to stop the common android viruses. It has worked for most of the anti virus this way. CM security app is very good app and being forked by other ROMs. So you can go ahead and allow it some of the permissions to set on the device.

    You can also find the process of the CM security by checking in tools. So it's completely transparent on android. You can easily see how the app can allow you to protect from the viruses.

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    Not only CM Security, whenever you install any antivirus app like CM Security or AVG or Avast, they will ask you for this permission to gain control on your smartphone. They ask you for gaining such controls just to perform activities that are necessary for eradication of malwares, threats. But make sure that you allow controls to only trusted and verified apps like CM Security, AVG, Avast, 360 Security, etc.
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    This refers to an example:

    If you have open the Facebook app then CM security will not kill the app but will allow the app to run in background so you will get a notification from Facebook apps whenever someone replied to your comments, mentioned your name etc... This is just a notification permissions.

    Inspecting is like Pinning an app and adding it to Whitelist so that task manager and CM security won't kill it whenever you clear the run memory options. This way the app will be running in background and you'll never miss any updates from certain specific apps.

    You can hit ok or on button. There is no risk.

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