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    Sms alert on mobile from mail box

    Searching for information about getting email alerts by sms? Check out suggestions of mail services from experts here.

    I want sms alert on my mobile from my mail account on arrival of any new mail in the box. Is this service is provided by gmail, yahoo or any mail servers? If yes then how to set the alert?

    If free service is not available then please specify which third party service provider is the best.

    Experts: do assist.
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    Gmail has the app that pushes the text notification on your Android and Iphone. So the text notifications are same as SMS for phone. You may want to use that feature. You can download the gmail app on your android or use the existing Gmail app from the android phone. That way surely it helps you to get notification when new mail comes up.

    Apart from gmail there are some apps that allow multiple inboxes inside their app. So you can send notification on phone with this.

    If you strictly want SMS then you have to pay for that feature. As sending SMS costs money for companies, so you may find not a single company offering this for free. Because offering such free service would bankrupt them. No indian company offers this for free and offshore companies too charge for such service after specific quota.

    Here are some of the alternatives that you can try on limited basis :

    This allows setting alert for some specific emails.

    Few paid third party services that can allow you to do this are :


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    Hi Dhananjay,
    Once I've activated this feature with my BSNL SIM. I used to get each and every SMS notification for mail and enjoyed this feature for a maximum one week. After a week I turned off this feature due to two reasons. First one is, I was getting more than 30 SPAM mails a day, which you know useless and more than my important mails. Due to which this irritated me by the beep sound in every 10-15 min. Second reason is, within a week my mail box filled and I was unable to get important and normal messages to my mobile. This is the situation.

    However, in Android mobile there are several features to keep excess messages, avoid SPAM messages, and received SMS alert for Facebook, Gmail and other social networking accounts. However, you need to consult your mobile service provider regarding this feature if you want to activate.

    Naresh Kumar
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