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    How to get rid of habit of seeing online rhymes/video on YouTube for my daughter?

    Three year old daughter with a habit of watching video or rhymes on YouTube while eating, How to get rid of this habit?

    I have three year daughter and she is now in Nursery school. She too much like to watch video or rhymes on YouTube while eating. I do not know how to get rid of this habit. She will pick up the mobile when she wants and use the mobile for 15 to 30 minutes only. How to tackle such situation.

    Her concentration in study is not so good. She does not like to do home work. We have to scold her but she does it with no interest. I want to know how to tackle such situations. Please let me know how to have patience in this matter.
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    You can do some of these things which we have tried for the nephews habit of watching the mobile content.

    1. Change WiFi password and don't save it on mobile.
    2. Disconnect the WiFi when you're not using it.
    3. Lock the YouTube application.
    4. Uninstall YouTube app if the habit is extreme.

    You can try one of these ways and you'd find change in the habit. It takes time for that habit to go if you're using the app or net in front of kids. So you have to restrict your own usage a bit in order for this to work.

    Most of the time if you start by setting some time limit for the kids then it does benefit for setting the routine. If you do find the habit get out of control, you can simply change the routine and that also helps.

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    The best way to divert child's mind is to watch their interests very carefully. Most of the children don't keep attention while eating; they may watch TV, mobile, video games, or anything else. Find out her other curiosity types and give then if she doesn't eat and cry/shout.

    Other than this, you can lock the YouTube app with any password, so that she can't open that.

    Coming to study part, most of the children in this age group never study seriously. This is because, they don't know the value of education and why they're forced to study. As a parent we need to educate them by saying some inspirational stories about Vivekananda, Bhagat Singh, or any great personalities so that she could imagine the scene and understand the meaning of education. By scolding they may read for a while, but a negative impact will create in her mind against you/parents. So, be careful while parenting. Children are very soft, so hold accordingly. All the best!

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    Your problem is very simple, you don't take very much tension about her homework she is still a kid. They will pick up gradually. Right now we can't decide whether the child is interested in studies or no. Allow her to enjoy her childhood and even you enjoy with her, because these moments never come back into life.
    Regarding watching rhymes in mobile for short term time is good, they learn faster than what we teach. But whole day watching or while having food is not good. When you're giving the food to her, tell any such reason that the phone is switched off or not working or it is not charged etc. Instead of the phone tell her that I will tell you a story while having food. Whenever you're giving food to the child try to tell a story in an artistic way so that she will lose interest in watching the rhymes. Usually while having food, its better that even we elder's should not watch TV because we will not chew the food properly or will not know how much we consumed, this will have some effects on our health. Actually, these things are being told by our elders only.
    Allow her to watch the rhymes for 30 minutes while not having food. Where as scolding her is genuine while all parents do that for their children for their own good. But now only don't force her very much in homework, She has just started the beginning of the school life, by forcing she should not feel frustrated about studies at this young age. They will gradually learn.
    I hope my answer must have helped you because I am also a mother of 3 year old child.

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    Paresh, Children imitate us not just in looks but in behavior and habits also. If you or your family have habit of seeing T.V or reading newspaper or using mobile while eating might have resulted to this problem. She is small and her habits can be changed by changing your own behavior and habits. This will take some time but if not given choice she will learn.
    Try this:
    1. Every kid like to watch cartoons, rhymes but do not make those a routine,keep your mobile away from her sight during her lunch/dinner.
    2. Do not force her to eat a lot. I have seen many mother give mobile to their child so that they can make them eat more, this practice should be avoided. Make your child eat when you all eat. With family child eats better and learn better table manners, habits.
    3. Anything given to eat should be given with family and at fix time, child learns that this is time to do this and slowly lessen or stop avoiding it.
    4.You can slowly start reducing her time spent on mobile and then start avoiding giving it just for your or her mother's comfort. However this is long and tough process but reliable and lasting results are expected. Another easy way is to say no, and stay determind to your decision. She will certainly throw some tantrums but gradually will know that these things are not going to work.
    5. Another way is to make this, her liking for rhymes can be used for teaching her classroom lessons. But not at the time of meal. You can also use her liking for rewarding her on completion of her homework, her food etc.
    6. For teaching her new things, classroom lessons, making her do homework for all this her mother or you have to be patt of her activity. All this should be done like a game, try to learn what she learns in school. Make her feel as if you are her friend and also doing same as she is doing.
    7. Appreciate her when she do homework or some thing right or nice. Your appreciation means a lot to her, she can do anything to get your love and appreciation at this age. So appreciate every little step of improvement she takes.

    My daughter is also 3 year old, she eats with us, watches T.V, or play games when we leave her to spent some time on her own. Else we do homework together, most of the time she get colouring as homework, I also have brought a few colouring book at home to be with her and we enjoys that time. She stay eager to do it.

    Chitra Rana

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