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    Details abouit MBA SYSTEM and HR or SYSTEM and MARKETING

    MBA in SYSTEM and HR or MBA in SYSTEM and MARKETING for a BCA graduate.

    I have done BCA along with other computer certifications and Currently doing MBA.

    So Systems will be my major in dual specialization.

    I was thinking to go for System + HR or System + Marketing.

    Kindly tell me what benefit will I get from one over the other.

    Please help me out :)
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    Hi Rudra,

    As a BCA student if you go for MBA in HR, you'll be benefited as you can spend your stream knowledge i.e. computer application/software programming or other system works in your office. This is because, as an HR professional you need to practice and go through several types of computer based work. You may work with a particular payroll software, attendance software, automatic online money transfer to your employees etc. So, as a BCA student you might have excess knowledge on computer operating comparing to a normal MBA students.

    In Marketing, your talent may be useful but very rarely. This is because, maximum work / job will be offline and may be on internet. So, its very common for every MBA-Marketing students. There will be no extra addition of your qualification in this.

    This is my opinion. Consult more experts in the field of MBA HR/Marketing then proceed. All the best.

    Naresh Kumar
    'Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day.'

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    The conventional marketing is getting redefined nowadays. Many business intelligence tools are developed and deployed for supporting/backing the field staff of the marketing team. The bigger companies hire their own developers to develop such tools as per specific requirement of marketing managers. Therefore an individual having programming knowledge as well as MBA with specialization in 'System + Marketing' is also likely to be of use particularly in bigger companies.
    Therefore the author may choose either of the above two combinations. However, there is a rider in the sense that merely completion of degree courses will not ensure progression in career. Actual competence is required in any field for excelling in the chosen field. Degrees only enable the candidates to submit applications against any advertised job, but only the capability helps in getting selected and subsequent survival in the job.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Most of the BCA students have opted for dual specialization like MBA Systems and HR. As their Under Graduate degree is computer applications major it becomes easy for them to learn and implement the MBA systems and HR. Its a developing career provides job in both the computer field either like programming, designing, and later entering into the IT field with the Management degree becomes the choice of the student. Even the job prospects in HR like maintaining the records of the employee and calculating their salary based on the working days are also one of the job prospects of MBA Systems and HR.
    Later students opted for the higher degree like Phd in Management also managed a company, became director of the company too.
    So its a good option to choose MBA in Systems and HR.

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