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    Why the banks recruit probationary officers instead of assistant/deputy managers?

    Looking out for information about bank recruitment? Wondering why probationary officers are recruited? On this page, experts shall provide you with answers.

    Only in the banking sector, we see the advertisements regarding recruitment of probationary officers. What it means by a probationary officer? Why the banks don't recruit candidates as assistant manage/deputy manager etc. as usually is the case in other sectors?
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    Probation means"a process of testing or observing the character or abilities of a person who is new to a role or job". probationary officers in banks are direct recruited people. They are to undergo a period of training(includes theoretical classroom training and on the job training by exposing to various departments and sections. Only when they complete the probation period satisfactorily will they be confirmed as Officers(specific designations may vary in different banks). The probation period was two years earlier and now it is reduced in many banks.

    Why such probationary period is needed?

    Banks are large organisations keeping custody and managing the money from public. The banking operations are subject to various statutory provisions special for the sector and also the many laws and statutes which operate related to various functions of banking. Hence those who are in the core important posts should have the required theoretical and practical knowledge to conduct the functions smoothly subject to all laws, rules and guidelines. Even a small ignorance or negligence can cause loss to the bank or its clients.

    So the Officers( under various levels) are given this knowledge by theoretical in house training facilities and by on the desk jobs.
    Officers are recruited by banks in two ways. One is promotion from the clerical cadres after suitable experience in service and educational and banking qualifications. The other is by directly recruiting. It is the direct recruits who are called probationary officers. This is because they are first given training as mentioned earlier. During training they will not be equipped to do functions independently. They will be trained by exposing to various sections and departments under the guidance of superiors and experienced colleagues.Their performance monitored and assessed by superiors. This period during which they are under training is called probation period. They are not confirmed employees.This is because, if their performance is not upto the mark then the training or probation period can be extended or worst they can be terminated.

    By recruiting direct probationary officers and also, promoting from clerical cadres banks have blend of fresh talent and experience in its supervisory levels.

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