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    What is more important - reputation of the college or course of choice?

    Very often challenging task for parents and students to opt for - reputation of the college or course of choice. Let's check out here what our experts say about this.

    Most of the students face this dilemma at one time or the other as to what is more important - reputation of the college or course of choice? Do the employer give any weightage to the reputation of the college at the time of recruitment? How to take decision in such dilemmatic situations?
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    Before admission, a student has to choose which subject/course then the college's reputation, growth rate, faculty members, facilities etc. In this article 'How to choose a good college for a bright career' you'll find the answer.
    While in interview, if you're a fresher, then the interviewer may ask about your college, but they don't care from which college you belong to as you've got a good score and having perfect knowledge. Suppose a candidate from West Bengal applies job at Hyderabad. The employer of Hyderabad has no knowledge from which college the candidate got passed out. They simply check their intelligence, experience, attitude, etc.
    So, don't worry about your college's reputation, etc. Just think about grade, if it is good then nothing to be worry.

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    I strongly feel that the subject is more important than eminent college. If a student gets his/her favourite subject in a fairly good college, he/she must go for it instead of a subject in an eminent college, which he/she does not find interesting.
    Studying favourite subject definitely has much better prospect.

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    I'd say the type of college doesn't matter these days. You have to do a lot of self learning. And you have to understand things on your own. Most of the things you learn in any college hardly matters. So it all depends on how you're coping in the course. Type of course matters these days because some courses bring more opportunities to you than others. Most of the time some courses don't matter if you have campus placement because some companies check for grades in any graduate and their ability to do task. Your performance (grades) regardless of course does matter. You should definitely check that out. as you appear for the campus interviews.

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    You should perhaps go for a balance between the two. As far as possible, you should try to get into a good college. A college, whether it is good or bad does matter. Not only in terms of reputation, but simply because you are likely to learn better in a good college. But all this should not be at the cost of the course you will prefer to choose. Go for the best bargain, a fairly good college and the subjects of your choice. Just for the sake of your course don't go to a college whose reputation is nowhere counted. There are many such cheap private colleges, these days, where it's very easy to get the course of your choice. Beware of such colleges, avoid them. These colleges may lack the infrastructure, they may not be having good faculty either.

    So as far as possible, go for a good college, if need be, sacrifice a bit on your choice of subjects. That way, you won't lose much and that will perhaps be your best bet. So go for a balance between the two. Yes, it's true if you are bright and capable, you will be able to get into a good college and the course of your choice. As far as employers are concerned, some of the employers do give importance to the college you have passed out from. But not everyone.

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    Choosing a right course is very important but also the reputation of the college is very important. As said by Dhruv, you should have a balance between course and college. If you choose a right course and the college is not reputed, then you will have not have placements and getting placed becomes difficult. Some of the companies look for candidates from reputed colleges only. On the other hand, if you choose a good college and a wrong course which has no future will also be difficult to have a successful career. So you should always look for good college and course.
    Before joining any college, look for the reviews of that college and look for reviews for that particular course if you want to join and then make a decision.

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    I think both the college and the course are important since a distinguished institute not only earns name for its reputed services, the quality of teaching, too, is maintained at a superior level. Such combination would definitely would help aspirants to have sound basics and fundamentals related to the subjects being taught in the college. The principal, The professors and other teaching staffs have clear objectives to improve upon the performance of aspirants. Such combined efforts made by them does not go in vain. You would see the bee - lines of the aspirants interested for their admission because of its excellent reputation.
    So is the case with the employers, they seem to be familiar with some of reputed institutes and as such, this would create a favourable impact on the minds of interviewer and while the discussions of the course - content is to proceed, the aspirants may look calm and confident. The entire interview may end with a confident note because of the clarities of subjects of the candidates.
    If the aspirants fail to get both, thurst should be given on acquring the fundamental of the subjects so that they may impress the board of interview.

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    Studying harder to get into a reputed college mostly become the students best choice of their course. Talents are possessed by every student and in the way they learn and where they learn
    also becomes as a part of them.Every student does have
    a opportunity to grow his own talent towards achieving in his education and a career. Its a choice for the student to choose the best for his future.

    Most of the reputed colleges do have the courses of students choice. Its a best idea to enter the reputed colleges nowadays, as it became more number of colleges in a city that has become hundreds of colleges in a State. In that Ranking its always to look for a reputed college close to your hometown, based on the Professional courses like Engineering or arts college is to be taken to further enhance your future studies. Mostly the reputed colleges do have campus interview and they will be
    having their clients who visit their college every year. In fact its better to choose a reputed college so the searching time for job
    would not be a dilemma for the student to take up the job in which profession the student have pursued the course. This also save time and money if the student wants to do a job instead of pursuing higher education.
    Reputed colleges mostly have all the courses that might have the same as the other colleges. Until, unless the student is more ambitious to choose a studies related to ships like Maritime courses where it has to be near the sea in a different city or in a different state.
    Even in such cases its best to choose the reputed colleges,instead of going to just a college for a degree and then hunting for a job
    would require time and money.

    Reputed colleges do have good clients who visit their college campus every year in order to cut the recruiting cost to the company.In this way the company does a good bonding between them. So the employer does know the weightage of the college and the quality of the education each student posses during the course time and the course time achievements during the academic year. The college will also have to maintain their reputation by bringing the recruiters to their campus in order to keep their institution ranking and to attract students admission
    in the future for every academic year.

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    One has to excel in anything that one takes up. For education also t applies same. One should first choose a subject or course on which one has aptitude and confidence that he can complete the course successfully with proper hard work. The self study and hard work of a student is the major factor that helps in education.

    Then comes selection of colleges on priority. Here, there are more parameters to be applied. They are fees, distance to commute, hostel facilities, infrastructural facilities, grading if any, previous years results, etc.

    However if the student likes a course which is not common and is of a recent origin, then the choice of college becomes important. Similarly if the course is something like speciality courses like Management , High level technical education, research, etc, then the choice should be first only for established and reputed institutions.

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