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    How to solve the fuel crisis

    Searching for ways and means to solve the fuel crisis? You can find responses from experts on this page to your question.

    So, we all acknowledge that we use up most of our fossil fuels.
    Petroleum and coal would suffice only for a few hundred years from now. Although we have few alternative fuels to use up, they are neither efficient nor reliable.
    We can't provide huge amount of current through solar and wind energy. Looks like these energies won't be of much use in automobile hence.
    Petrol and diesel has been an ideal fuel for years.
    There are methods to process Petrol and Diesel, but we need water gas to do so.
    The water gas in turn is produced using burnt coke.
    Which means artificial petrol needs coal.
    Are there any other possible ways to process artificial petrol, without involving a non-renewable source?
    Awaiting response.
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    Some of the efforts being made in India to manage the future energy crisis are as follows -
    1. Use of natural gas i.e. CNG and LPG as an alternate to petrol/diesel.
    2. Use of ethanol or methanol mixed petrol.
    3. Use of bio-diesel and bio-gas.
    4. Use of hydrogen/hydrogen-CNG blended fuel (HCNG).
    5. Solar powered batteries.
    6. Use of electric batteries.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    The fuel issue is global one. It needs vast global co-operation and efforts.
    However what we can do is at micro level and involving small amounts of energy and small amounts of investment. However the cumulative effect will make it a colossal effort and result.

    The least costing perennial source is sunlight and then wind and rain. The aim should be to use these sources properly so that they are not wasted and their damage potential also is reduced.

    Awareness and use of Solar energy uses have become more common. The problem with solar energy use is as of now the return on investment is not cost effective on individual calculation.

    The macro level uses of sea waves and tides, wind and rain/flood need to be researched and the results to be implemented at field levels.
    The energy problem has to be approached by reduction od energy consumption by various adaptations and using renewable, perennial sources.

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    Non-renewable resources are resources for which there is a limited supply. The supply comes from the Earth only. Non-renewable resources are generally divided in two categories; fossil fuels and nuclear fuels.
    Fossil fuels is a organic matter which has been set between layers of sediments within the Earth for millions of years.
    The organic matter is typically plants that have decomposed and compressed over time those are known as known as fossil fuels. Some of the fossil Fuels are
    Crude Oil/Petroleum
    Nuclear fuel is a non-renewable resource used to produce energy, these fuels are primarily obtained through the mining and refining of uranium ore.

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    Instead of seeking alternatives, we ourselves could change our systems in the following ways:
    1. We can avoid our cars/two wheeler for our office going/marketing by using public transport by moving early.
    2.If we are living in apartments, we can arrange ourselves to have one car for four persons if going same area as office.
    3.using bicycles for near areas or going by walk
    4.If going compulsorily by car/two wheeler, plan to the shortest routes by knowing early.

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    I appreciate your efforts and time, but usage of natural gas isn't a solution. Even natural gas is exhaustible. Biodiesel and biogas cause filter damage in vehicles.
    So none of the above mentioned techniques , can replace gasoline.

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