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    S. Chand ICSE school books for class 10th?

    Wondering if class X ICSE S Chand books are useful? Find advice from experts on this page.

    Can someone please tell me whether S. CHand ICSE school books [ ] are worth referring or not?
    I am in 10th standard and willing to refer ICSE books.
    Experts: do suggest.
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    The text books should serve you all the relevant tips required in a particular chapter. S.Chand is a reputed publisher having its expertise since the year 1950 and has come up numerous text books and helping books for all the classes. These publications have provided numerous helpful tips to students in many ways.
    As far as the books of class ten are concened especially Mathematics and Science these editions would be most benificial. For the remaining other subjects, the books would provide sufficient insights to strengthen the skills in the required subjects.

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    Instead of promoting any particular publisher, it is advisable to consult the subject teacher in the school about the books to be referred and studied. Since the teachers are fully aware about the syllabus of any particular board, they can offer the best possible advice in such matters. Moreover the subject teachers are likely to have experience about books published by more than one publisher and comparative merits and demerits about the various books. It is quite possible that new publishers might have come in the meantime and have published better books.
    I am personally not in favor of using the ISC platform for promoting any particular publisher by recommending the books published by them.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    As you are studying in ICSE board, then you must prefer ICSE Board based books. S.Chand is a notable publication of books. I had also studied from S.Chand in my school days. It is a nice publication but make sure that you once consult with your subject teacher for referring books. As the time passes, new publications are evolved every year. May be the newer publication could be better than S.Chand publications. So, once you consult your subject teacher for preferring books.
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