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    Suggest a proper computer course after completing B.Sc (Mpcs)

    Looking out for a suitable computer course after BSc? wondering which course will lead to a good job? Check out advice from experts on this page.

    I have just completed my degree B.Sc(Mpcs). I want to learn a computer course which has a good future. I am not getting a proper solution for this. Which course will be good for me for my graduation?
    Can you suggest me a course after which I can pursue a good job?
    Awaiting response.
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    Since you have done your graduation, I would suggest you to go for post graduation. You have interest in computers, so you may go for MCA, that is Masters in Computer Application. M.Sc. in Computers is again an option for you. There are many good institutes and even government colleges offering this course with good placements services.

    Rather than going for any short term course, a structured post graduation degree will give you long term returns.


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    First you decide you just want to no the basics to get a job or you want to take it as a profession.
    If you just want to learn for your job then just by doing any computer course will not help you because all the companies will have their own software and you need to take compulsory training to operate it. But you can basic knowledge by taking up a basic computer course.
    Suppose if your are interested to take it as a profession then you will have to study about computers in detail where there is no end.
    To take up any job computer course certificate is not compulsory, if your keen in studying computer's not for certificate then you can study through online videos. which will help you a lot.

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