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    How to pay application fee online when there is no debit/credit card facility?

    Pay application fee online without internet or debit/credit card facility.

    In many cases applications are required to be filled online and application fee is also required to be paid online only. Generally in case of many students from the rural areas, they don't have credit/debit cards or internet banking facility. How to pay application fee online when there is no debit/credit card or internet banking facility available with the applicant?
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    Now days, things related to internet are getting common and even many small villages are also having internet connections. So, internet banking may not a be a problem. If not them, then some of their family members may be residing in cities and would help them in paying application fee online.

    Apart from this, as per my knowledge, most of application procedures have options for both online as well as offline application submissions. Offline method may include submission of Pay order/ Demand Draft or even Bank challan for payment. All of these options are workable of all those who are not able to submit the forms online.


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    Most of the online application sites do have the option to pay from the net-banking and debit card feature. So if any educational site doesn't have such option then you have to approach by the demand draft or the bank lettering order means. That way always work for most of the colleges. Apart from this you can find options such as money order too. You have to read the website if they have alternate payment options. Most of the websites do have the bank accounts on which the money can be sent using the NEFT.

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    Now a days when a person opens a bank account a credit or debit card is provided to him even in rural areas. The applicant whose is filling online form and is not having any card he can use his parents card with their permission. If not that many applications can be filled by downloading the form and taking the print out, later it can be posted to the given address enclosed with the application fee DD. Suppose if download facility is not available in some sites it allows you to fill online form only when you pay application fee in such cases it asks to pay either in credit/debit cards or internet banking or to send the application fee amount as DD to the followed address in the particular name. After they receive your DD amount the online form will be opened for you to apply using your DD number...
    Hope It helped you.

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    The freedom of choice fully depends on the conditions given the announcement brochure or details. Please go through the fee payment options once more. If there are any other options other than the debit card/credit card options or internet banking then use that option. Otherwise you have to comply the online payment method by net banking only. If not already having the internet banking facility, it is relatively easy to get that from the bank. Please approach the bank and they will also guide you. If time dos not permit, for the present you may take help of a relative or well wisher who has these facility by convincing him the matter.
    As it has become almost imperative now to have net banking, you may better have the net banking facility at the earliest. Even rural branches of banks have the facility.

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