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    Ways to get a job of an HR executive in a company

    Graduation in dual specialization, Worked as an HR but no opportunities or good salary, Ways to get a job of an HR executive in a company

    Hello Sir,

    My name is Sandeep Singh an MBA graduate from an simple private college in Gwalior as marketing and HUMAN RESOURCE(HR) as my streams as it was dual specialization degree course but now after completing it I have done an job into HR stream,firstly in a consultancy as an recruiter for 4 month and left as target was not meeting by me.
    Then as no opportunity was knocking in HR stream(as HR jobs i found are less and mostly with consultancy with tough target and lesser salary so i through reference of my friend switched into marketing field but there also consultancy kind of circumstances prevailing so now am sitting jobless, directionless so needed eventually your valuable guidance to build now my career in my interest field i. e HUMAN RESOURCE so please guide me about this what courses, diplomas etc steps i need to take at this point keep in mind my age is 27 yrs and currently at Delhi location living there only(having rented room).
    PLEASE share me full and complete details yours hopefully SANDEEP SINGH eagerly wait for your reply as no job no direction from last Three and half months.
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    The author will have to adjust himself with the prevailing industry norms regarding salary structure and service conditions.
    A job seeker can never find a job according to his own terms and conditions.
    Putting in hard work in the initial days will enable the author to develop insight and enrich his resume by adding experience etc.
    On the other hand gaps/recesses in the resume are likely to portray a negative image.
    In my opinion the author should first find a job on the basis of his existing qualification only and continue in same despite all odds. Additional courses etc. can be considered to be completed through online mode only concurrently with the job.
    With the passage of time in completing additional courses etc. finding a job is not likely to become more challenging. Also additional courses are not likely to totally upturn the scenario.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    You have to increase your networking and keep sending resume to others. This way you can surely get notified when there is any opportunity for the HR position. You have to get into the forums and groups on social media where there are other HR executives sending mails for the positions available.
    Facebook and LinkedIn has plenty of groups where you can find out HR position related jobs listed there. You may want to join those groups.

    Also do make sure that you lower your expectations. And be open to any other job in between if it comes to you. That way you won't be much of in frustration in case of lack of opportunities out there. Most likely you have to even start from the voice and tech support positions. That can help you to build the resume. Just get the first that job is available to you.

    Make sure that you also try other part time or full time jobs and from there you can also build up the network. For most people this works just fine over a period of time.

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    The current situation in tracing out a suitable - job seems to be difficult since the number of vacancies is limited and job - seekers have outnumbered by many fold. You have to keep yourself updated with the companies which need the personnel like you. You may enrol yourself in and other similar portals sending you messages regarding the latest vacancies in your field.
    In the meanwhile, you should not show any hesitation in a low paid - job since to remain engaged in some activity would weed out your negativity and having got a job in that way, keep trying for the the job matching your qualification and experience.
    Even if you come across a job fitting your profile, you may ask for a humble pay in the initial stage to secure the job and later you may ask for the revision of the same after your fair experience.

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    The major qualification for a position in the field of HR is patience. We have to develop patience and hearing capacity in us to select our job in the field of HR. Then the needy qualification of knowing about labour and labour laws.

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    It is my suggestion to all the students, before undergoing any specialized course, to check the scope of the same if they are going for a corporate sector. It is not advisable to join any course without knowing its scope.

    HR and IR department is itself an important part of the organization in any industry whether its service sector or manufacturing sector. Human Resource development and the handling of the human resource inside and outside of the organization, is an important job of the HR department. The human resource requirement is huge as far as HR department is concerned but organization instead of keeping of sufficient manpower, takes the help of outsourcing agencies. These agencies are trained in every way and serve the purpose in less cost. They are keeping minimum required manpower in HR department and, of course, they are brilliant experienced people.

    Due to fewer switches over in HR department, creation of new vacancies is less as compared to other sectors. One has to sharpen his/her skill weapons with experience and knowledge to survive in this sector.

    I would rather suggest joining Marketing sector than HR. We need to work hard and at the same time need to yield results by providing good business to the organization. Organization wants profit and profit comes from business. We have simple rule in Marketing, profit through business. There is no limit for business providing manpower in marketing. Survival is very hard for those who cannot provide business to the organization, they need to rethink again. I would suggest join manufacturing sector.

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