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    Which company's laptop should I buy ?

    Which laptop to buy given budget constraints.

    I want to buy a brand new laptop for myself. My budget is 45 to 50 thosand. So which company laptop should I prefer ? Please suggest some good models and also which operating systemn should I use: windows 7 or windows 8?
    These are the company names:
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    I think brand selection is very hard to make choice of. You have to check the configurations within that price range. You have to also compare the product in offering. And based on that you have to make the decision for the product. Don't buy the product just by looking at the branding. You need to understand that most of the popular brand can have some odd products too.

    At the price range of 45-50K you can take a look at the following options:-

    1. 15'' display size
    2. 4GB - 6GB RAM
    3. 1TB HDD
    4. Graphic Card
    5. Windows 10

    Here are some of the model suggestions for you to compare before making the purchase decisions.

    1. Dell Inspirion 15 5558
    2. HP 15 ab027TX
    3. Lenovo Z5170
    4. ASUS S551LB

    You can find more models in the flipkart and Amazon section where you can filter as per the pricing and the specifications.

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    Any popular brand is okay. However most companies give warranty for only one year. That means they do not expect laptops to last longer in best conditions. So one need not go for very costly and complicated models. Companies go on changing models very fast. Many times practically it is difficult to get replacement parts on some special models. Service becomes a real problem especially after warranty period.
    So my suggestion is to select a model based on one's major needs. It is better not to go for current popular operating system. If not interested in different applications and needs only for normal home /office functions Windows 7 is sufficient. Windows 8 may also be taken as many other facilities may be now available more in Windows 8 .
    I have a recent bad experience on a laptop in our family. The laptop was windows 8 with touch display. It cost about 40k rupees. That was very charming attractive and useful and unique when released and we bought then. It functioned well for about 3 years. Now display is gone. The replacement is not available easily for the model. Even if so it appears to be half of original cost or the price of an ordinary assembled laptop or desktop. Non-touch display is reportedly not possible in that. That means if I don't get a replacement display at reasonable cost, I have to throw it as scrap.
    Hence I suggest you need not go for complicated special models. You may select any of the popular, common models available . That can help you to get service and replacement easily in case of any problem later. Such models can be serviced by local sales and service centres also.

    From the given list I would suggest HP.

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    Though I am using Acer Aspire presently, but I would personally recommend you to go with HP Laptops. They are durable laptops with good looks. Also, the service of HP is available in most of the places of the country. So, better you go with HP Laptops.
    I would recommend you to buy HP 15-p277tx having
    • 15.6-inch screen size

    • Core i5-5200U

    • RAM- 4GB

    • Hard Disk Space - 1TB

    • OS - Win 8.1

    • 2GB Graphics

    This laptop will cost you around 47k from retail stores.

    With regards,
    "Time & Tides waits for none"

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    Your question does not clear the purpose of your purchase, so the answer to it will be generic or in general. As developers need different configuration and gamer's need different.

    There are many brand in market that are trust worthy. Following are few names :
    1 Dell
    2. Asus
    3 Lenovo
    4 HP
    5 Toshiba

    Laptops within 45K to 50K (price may vary due to GST):
    1 Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Core i5 5th Gen
    2 Lenovo Z51-70 Core i5 5th Gen
    3 HP Core i5 6th Gen

    Parameter's to Consider :
    1 Processor - Core i5 6Gen to Core i5 6Gen
    2 RAM - 4GB to 8GB
    3 1TB Hard disk
    4 Graphics Card
    5 Screen size
    6 Touchscreen
    7 Operating System

    Look for following in the price you are paying :
    Screen size : 15.6"
    RAM : 6 to 8 GB
    Graphics : 2GB (AMD or NVIDIA)
    OS : Prefer Win 7 if you are developer/gamer. For casual work you can go for Window 8, 8.1 and 10 as well.
    Hard Disk : 1TB
    Processor : Core i5 5th Gen at-least.

    1 Build quality
    2 Service center
    3 Warranty

    So looking for this Dell Laptop is in win win condition. Best support , build quality and Accidental damage protection with the desire configuration.

    1 Buy it from any computer shop that is know for good service.
    2 Any e-commerce site. Look for return policy/support if purchasing online.

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    Before you purchase anything you need to ask yourself some questions like why do you want to buy that product, what is the purpose of buying that product? Once your purpose for buying that product is clear then you should look for one which suits your requirement. If you wish to buy a laptop then you should mention the purpose of purchasing the laptop. There are many types of laptops available in the market serving some special purpose. Some are designed for office work, some are best for students and some are designed for playing games.
    Now you have mentioned that your budget is around 40 to 50 thousands then in this price range you have many options available with very good features. You can go for either Dell or HP because they are known for their versatile quality and performance. There are certain things that you need to keep in mind while buying a laptop.
    The laptop should be light in weight and with some good processor. In your budget you can easily get i5 processor. Choose a laptop with a minimum of 4GB of RAM and 2GB graphics card for best gaming and video playing experience. You can easily get all these specification with your budget. Visit any local showroom of laptop and ask them for more details on what can you get in the price range of 40-50 thousands.
    I think with your budget you can easily walk away with laptop having i5 processor, 8GB RAM with 2 GB Radon or nVidia Graphics card and 1 TB of Hard-disk which is enough to perform any task from gaming to programming.

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