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    What is the ideal age to join a job?

    Wondering about the ideal age to take up a job? On this Ask Expert page, find responses to all your queries.

    Generally many students go on completing one course after another in the hope of getting a better opportunity. However continuing in such courses results in increase of age also. Generally at what age one should stop doing further courses and join an available job?
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    Getting a good job nowadays is a matter of concern. If a candidate get a job according to his choice and subject immediately after passing out the graduation, then it is better to join. After joining to job she/he may continue study by distance or e-learning program. So as per my opinion there is no certain age required for job. It always depends upon the opportunity. If a candidate get that very soon then she/he should not lose that chance.
    However for professional courses like medicine, technical, engineering etc the candidate need to wait for completion and can do post graduate and master courses after joining to a better job.

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    Most of the courses complete the graduation or diploma at the age of 21. So the age of 21 is the natural age for anyone to start their job. Almost every country has the students of this age getting graduated and starting their job. Some of the diploma holders however finish their education at 19 and don't pursue further education. This is one reason some of the students start their job earlier.

    In ideal scenario it is always better to start the job as early as possible. Because as you lean towards late 20s, you'd find it harder to adjust in new job and people. So it helps if you start getting socialized and working early in 20s.

    You should get diverse set of experience as early as possible. This way you can make sure that you settle early in 20s. Otherwise it's kind of harder to settle in life and also financial worries may create issues in life.

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    The general levels of education wherein the education courses are stopped by students in our country is graduation, or post graduation. If it is an academic graduation then the normal average age is 20 and onto 21. If it is non-medical professional courses then it is 23. For normal post graduation it is 22, and post graduation after non-medical 4 year courses is generally completed by age of 23.

    It is preferable to enter into a job as early as possible after completion of the course.
    Thus it may be preferable to join a job between 21 and twenty three in most cases. For medical courses the age threshold may be increased by another two years at least.
    However we can se that for most general jobs the age range is between 20 and 30 including statutory age relaxations for eligible candidates. The earlier possible the better.

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