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    What is the ideal age of getting married?

    Wondering about the correct age for getting married? On this page, you will find responses to your queries.

    Though there is minimum age fixed by law both for boys and girls for marriage , but no maximum age is prescribed. How long one should postpone his/her marriage in search of better partner or in the hope of getting settled in the career. What is the ideal age of getting married?
    Awaiting response.
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    The ideal age of marriage for a boy is above 21, and 18 for girls. Even though there is no upper age limit for marriage but the rate of infertility decrease if a person marry after 35/40 age.
    There is maximum age limit is fixed by the law. This is because minors' cases are taken as against the law; which is commonly seen in India.
    For a better marriage life the age gap between boy and girl should be 5-10 years. More than this age gap, there may be lot of psychological differences found found among the couple.

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    The minimum age prescribed in Law is 21 and 18 years for males and respectively. However, there are many circumstances beyond the control of both the sexes where the ages for the marriages are stretched to some extent, one such factor being the continuation of education for both. Even the females would not like to lag behind in the attainment of successful careers in the field of education, medicals, Engineering, Software, IAS and other prominent fields. In fact, they have established their superiority almost in all the fields and are as competent as their opposite genders. Such inclinations of both the genders has caused an escalation in their marriages' age.
    However, due care is to be taken so that marriageable age in respect of males and females should not exceed beyond 30 and 25 respectively keeping in view of drop of fertility - rate with the advancement of ages.

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    Well, the minimum age as prescribed by the law of the land is 21 and 18 for a boy and a girl respectively. But, in my opinion - the ideal age would be 28. By that time most of us will have completed our course of study and joined a gainful employment. It would be around a couple of years of earning ( in ideal circumstances) and you would have amassed enough to be able to start a family.

    Moving beyond the age of 30 would not be advisable. There is biological clock ticking inside all of us and we have no right to go against the law of nature. Doing so can have many detrimental effects both physically and psychologically. Getting married at around 28 is the best option.

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    In our society, the decision to get married is rarely an individual one. In most instances, it is the parents who decide when their children should marry. Since, daughters are considered a 'responsibility' most parents look at getting them married at the earliest. That means they begin scouting for a worthy groom when she crosses 20 (approx.). My interaction with people is evidence that most people think the right age for a female to be married is around 24.

    That being said, my personal opinion is that marriage should happen when –
    1. You find the right person – who shares your outlook on life (even if it is an arranged marriage)
    2. You are emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and psychologically prepared to get into a lifelong commitment
    3. You have attained a desired status in life – academically and professionally
    4. You feel the need to be with someone permanently

    Marriage is no child's play – it needs more than just two willing people. One must make sure that they are ready for marriage, age not being a constraint here.

    There was a time when women were looked upon as baby making machines – so marriages happened at an age when the girl was considered to be most fertile. Now, things have changed. Medical science has had much advancement and women past their prime have conceived and delivered healthy babies.

    Professionals today choose to marry once they have achieved goals they set for themselves. I know of young ladies who aim to get a higher education, build a career and only then think of marriage. These are young women who are already in a relationship. However, they place their aspirations ahead of everything else.

    Therefore, there is no appropriate age to get married. One can choose to marry anytime it is legally permissible.

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    There is no ideal age for marriage as such. However, as per Government of India, minimum age for girls is 18 years and for boys it is 21 years and it is actually based on body's complete biological development. Girls develop relatively early when compared to boys and hence the age difference. Yes, minimum age is been told but not the maximum age, as there isn't any maximum age. One can marry as old and as late as per one's desire.

    Our society has fixed certain rules as per their beliefs. By certain age, it feels education should be completed and by another certain age, it expects an individual to settle down in his personal life too by getting married as now he/she is capable of securing their life partner as well as can think of having a family. Society or its members just go by numbers. According to them, marriage is an age related practice. By certain age, one should get married and have kids. If one has started earning big nice paycheck then he should get married. However, nobody understands that age or money does not mature an individual. Age may bring wrinkles on face and give a matured look physically. Money may make someone prosper and progress but whether this prosperity and maturity is enough for that person to deal with a relationship like marriage.

    Marriage requires mental maturity. There can never be an age-group which can be called as perfect to get married. Some individual may mature early may be in 20's or even when he is in his teens understanding the importance of marriage and is ready to deal with all such sorts of responsibilities. Others even after crossing 40's or even in 50's cannot become matured enough so that they can deal with it. This is why we see so many break ups and marriage ending in a split up or divorces. If two individuals married at right age and have ticked all the boxes essential for a person to get married then why did they end up being miserable. Even those who do not end up being divorced and are still living together yet apart and it may be for their kids or for society aren't really happy anyways.

    Marriage is about dealing with it. One has to get married when an individual finds himself a real nice partner who can touch soul. Irrespective of whether they are introduced through friends, family or one finds them by oneself, he/she has to be perfect for them. A perfect match no matter how old we get will always appear perfect and a bad match becomes still terrible with time. Don't worry about the passing time. Society always tries to scare us by saying that with passing times, we will find difficulty in finding a match for us. It may be true but then what is the use of such marriage which was done at right time but still has ended very terribly.

    Next requirement for marriage is understanding about what actually this kind of collaboration requires. It is just not about financially securing your better half and meeting requirements but is about a complete change in thinking process. Before marriage it is 'me'. But after marriage it becomes 'we'. If one has become matured enough to deal with 'we' instead of been selfish 'me' then it it the time when he/she should tie a knot. Marriage brings with it a whole set of responsibilities. If one is ready to fulfill them not just for the sake of doing so cause every one around is doing and consider it as burden, instead if they are ready to fulfill them with the joy of doing, only then they should get married.

    If we delay our marriage by certain years because we have not found ourselves right partner or we have yet not gained that maturity to deal with its complexities, we may get questioned and cornered by society as they feel that we are odd man out. However, it is their perspective. Marry only when you want to. There is no right age and there is no maximum age limit. One can get married even while he is breathing his last. Dreadful years of married life is much miserable than being alone. There is no hard and fast rule, in fact there are no rules and regulations regarding marriage. We observe others and try to imitate them. Instead of doing so, we have to decide it as per our convenience.

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    Marriage is a relation which can be tied merely on the basis of age. Although our government has decided a legal marriage age but that is with a trial to stop child marriages.
    For a successful marriage, both the girl and a boy must be ready for getting married and would be ready to accept all kinds of challenges they may face during initial days of their married life. They must be mentally prepared for that.
    They thinking must be compatible and they should be understanding for each other. It is the most required point as in a married couple. They should learn each others choices and try to give space for partner's interests and hobbies.


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    There are certain aspects which indicate the marriage need. Those are following.
    1. Not to fall in loneliness.
    2. Attract towards opposite sex person.
    3. Need of physical relationship.
    4. Necessity of future generation compelled on you by family elders.
    5. Settled in life and ready to accept responsibility.

    As you said rightly there is no maximum age limit for marriage but after certain age marriage will become only to have companion. Don't expect children and physical relationship from each other. Considering above points which category you fall in decide. If not any of these then get into one of it and most important , you should be settled. Nowadays all targets to keep 30 as limit to get marry. Otherwise there is no maximum limit.Make decision wisely.

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    In Indian constitution the minimum age of the boy and girl is 21 years and 18 years respectively, Yes you right the upper age limit is not mentioned. But, at present time in India boys and girls both is taking education at least 25-27 years age. In the marriage the most important things are maturity for both as well as biologically mind developed and maturity is totally depends on higher educations. I think in my view 28-30 years is the best age at this present time for boys because after getting degrees 1-2 years' time has taken for any govt. or privates handsome salary jobs and for girl 23-26 years is right age because if girl is educated than she can take responsibility for family life and childrens essential education. For a better marriage life the age gap between boy and girl should be 5-6 years. More age gap is creating so many problems in family life.
    So, for any boy or girl are thinking about marriage first you complete minimum education, get job than proceed.

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    Ideal age for boy is 21 and girl is 18. If girls in age of 30 or 35 do late marriage , they may face problems and those girls who do marriage below the age of 18, this can be against law. Previously, many boys and girls did marriage below the ideal age. But now it is rule to do marriage in ideal age. The difference in age between a boy and a girl should be 4 to 6 years.

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    As per the various marriage acts of Government of India, minimum age for girls is 18 years and for boys it is 21 years.There is so many factors and situations which may actually fix the age of marriage to an individual/ community/ urban /rural/ financial/ professional etc. In spite of all those one should not delay beyond 30 years.
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    Marriage is a natural need for reproduction of human life. The age of marriage has seen changes in the past and has followed the social and anthropological settings.
    With the advent of educational system and priority of becoming financially independent the age of marriage has gone up from what it had been in past.
    Today everyone is desperate to get job after the education and only after that ready for marriage. In such circumstances on an average people are getting married in the band of 28-32 for boys and 25-30 for girls.
    Biologically speaking the ideal age is in the band of 18-25.

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